Gigabyte [Company]

Gigabyte Technology is a Taiwan-based company, which mainly focuses on manufacturing computer hardware. The main business model of the company is the production of computer motherboards. Moreover, you will be able to find how the company is manufacturing many other hardware devices. For a single business quarter, Gigabyte Technology is selling around 5 million motherboards. Hence, it has become one of the most prominent brands in manufacturing computer motherboards out there in the world.

Apart from motherboards, you can find how Gigabyte Technology is engaged in manufacturing laptop computers and graphics cards to the market. Out of the laptops, the lightweight laptop, manufactured under the Aero brand, received lots of positive attention.

Gigabyte Technology is there among the top 20 most prominent technology companies that exist in Taiwan as of now. This is a publicly held company. It is exchanged on Taiwan Stock Exchange. 

Gigabyte Technology is a company that focuses more on the quality of the products that are offered to the market. Hence, it is possible to find how the Gigabyte Technology products offered to the market last for a longer duration of time. People don’t need to worry too much about anything when purchasing what is offered by Gigabyte Technology. That’s because the company is known for manufacturing the best products, and they are available for people to buy at reasonable price tags.

The product lineup of Gigabyte Technology is designed to upgrade the lives of people. It is offering products related to cloud systems, gaming, business, and consumers. Moreover, Gigabyte Technology has established an industry reputation as an innovative manufacturer of motherboards, mini PCs, laptops, graphics cards, hardware, and server solutions. Moreover, Gigabyte Technology is offering products with IoT and AI applications as well. Therefore, people and businesses who are using the products offered by Gigabyte Technology will get the opportunity to transform their lives with ease. This would accelerate the businesses to go ahead with ensuring success as well. 

History of Gigabyte Technology

Gigabyte Technology is a company that was established in the year 1986. Pei Cheng Yeh was the founder of the company. He is responsible for developing numerous components manufactured by Gigabyte, including Origin PC, Cybertron PC, Falcon Northwest, and Alienware. They are also offering desktop computers with the help of Technology Direct in Australia as well. On top of that, people are provided with the chance to upgrade the PC systems with ease and what is offered by Gigabyte Technology. 

One of the key components that Gigabyte Technology is offering to the market includes its motherboards. All the motherboards that the brand is offering fall under the best quality standards. That’s because Gigabyte Technology is ensuring an ultra-durable construction in all the motherboards that are manufactured. All solid capacitors are used in these motherboards. Hence, people are provided with the chance to use their motherboards for a longer period of time.

Back in the year 2006, Gigabyte Technology went ahead with a joint venture with Asus. This further contributed to the development of durable and solid motherboards in the market. In the following year, Gigabyte Technology was able to manufacture the first software-controlled power supply to the market. 

Gigabyte Technology also came up with an innovative method to assist people in recharging their iPhones and iPads. This was launched to the market in the year 2010. On the other hand, the very first Z68 motherboard to the world was also launched by Gigabyte Technology to the market in the year 2011. This was an innovative product, and it could receive lots of customer attention. This motherboard came along with Intel SSD support. That’s because an m SATA connection was available. Moreover, Smart Response technology was available in this motherboard as well.

Likewise, Gigabyte Technology continued to innovate. They were able to launch the very first motherboard with a 60A IC to the market. 

Products offered by Gigabyte Technology

Motherboards are the main product offered by Gigabyte Technology to the market. It is possible to find many different types of motherboards being released to the market under this brand. These motherboards are designed for both Intel as well as AMD platforms. 

Apart from motherboards, Gigabyte Technology is manufacturing graphics cards as well. These graphics cards are capable of providing the highest quality graphics to the market. They are offered to the market along with the collaboration with NVidia and AMD. On the other hand, you can find how Gigabyte Technology offers these graphics cards along with Polaris and Vega chipsets. 

Gigabyte Technology is offering desktop computers to the market as well. People who are willing to spend their money to purchase high-quality desktop computers tend to stick to what is made available by Gigabyte Technology. Moreover, Gigabyte Technology offers mobile phones, ultra-books, tablet computers, server motherboards, PDAs, networking equipment, and even server racks. 

Likewise, computer peripherals are released to the market by Gigabyte Technology as well. They include computer keyboards, mice, computer monitors, computer cases, power supplies, and cooling components. Gigabyte Technology is offering everything that is needed to assemble personal computers apart from RAM and microprocessors. The company is looking forward to enhancing the product lineup in the future. Therefore, we can expect it to get into manufacturing microprocessors in the future as well.

Gigabyte Technology Subsidiaries

Gigabyte Technology has numerous subsidiaries as well. Out of them, Aorus holds a prominent place. This is a sub-traded company, which is based in Singapore. The company is specializing in gaming-related products. In fact, the company manufactures graphics cards for gaming, motherboards, and even notebooks. Apart from these main products, Aorus is offering gaming peripherals to the gamers out there as well. They include CPU coolers, cases, headsets, SSD, keyboards, and mice.

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