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This article is for all those people wanting to know about Getty Images company and what this is all about. Most of us only know that this is a platform that provides some cool pictures without knowing what this is about. We will cover every single detail of Getty Images company so can get all the information in one place without searching here and there on the internet.

Getty Images is a visual media company, and it is British-American based. They provide different kinds of stock images, videos, editorial photography, and music. This stuff is provided to different types of consumers and businesses all over the world. 

Now Let’s take a look at the history of Getty Images briefly. In 1995 Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein started a company with the name of “Getty Investments”. Later in 1999 Getty Images got merged with PhotoDisc after that they changed the name of the company to Getty Images. Getty Images had some tough competitors like Newsmakers Hulton Press and Tony Stone Images but still, they managed to reach success in the business of Stock photography.

In 2008 Getty Images started some acquisitions with private firms Hellman and Friedman. At that time in 2008, it was listed in New York Stock but later it was delisted because of the acquisition I’ve mentioned before. After that, some stronger new competitors like Shutterstock and Fotolia were in the way of Getty Images which somehow affected the company’s revenue but they managed to recover it.

After the history section let’s move on to the detailed overview of the company. If you think about what type of customers Getty Images deal with then here, I am answering this. Getty Images deals with three types of customers which are:

  • Creative Professionals including bloggers, graphic designers advertising agents
  • Media which includes news portals, magazines, newspapers, and broadcasters
  • The corporate which includes business that needs different types of marketing strategies.

Their customers locate all over the world but its most important markets are the United States of America and the United Kingdom. According to research, it has shares in US and UK markets of around 52% and 25% respectively.

Coming to discuss what they provide to their customers. Getty Images serve their customers in many valuable ways which include the quality of their products because they are provided by highly qualified and experienced professionals. Getty Images have great diversity and variety in their all products like they give media about current events, the beauty of nature, and much more. Many customers now trust Getty Images because they are the oldest and most established company. Unlike other companies, Getty Images provides services to more than 100 countries around the world. Getty Images also provides a user-friendly platform to people so they can quickly find their desired products and can make purchases. So we can say that Getty Images serve their customers in the best way possible.

Now you know that customers of Getty Images trust them so much now let me tell you about how you can buy some high-quality content from Getty Images. So, Getty Images have a website with that they also have some country-specific websites like for the United Arab Emirates so every customer can browse their content and make purchases according to their specific country. iStock, ThinkStock, and brands also provide the same services through affiliation. Getty Images’s direct sale team also operate in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa.

Now if you want to get some content from this company then you can get it on a self-service basis. Getty images provide content through online channels and affiliate brands. Getty images provide a portal so you can register yourself through it. Then on the same account, they can place your order and process payment. Most of the company’s content is added by professional photographers and designers. Getty Images also has a facility for their customers where they can contact local sales representatives over the phone or online chat service. Getty Images have a mission to provide long-term trusted relationship to all their customers.

You can find Getty Images also in several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They interact with their supporters and customers through these platforms directly. Getty Images also have a Press Room and Stories and Trends sections where users can get information on different topics. All of this includes audio products which are music basically, different types of videos, customized images, and press kits. With that, they provide photo assignment services, and research and clearance services. The company can also offer a Getty images API to their customers it will help their customers to get direct access to content and can streamline their workflow. Through this API you can also get digital publicity distribution, media management, and image embedding services. A large number of world-famous media companies and others get served by Getty Images.

There are a large number of partners who assist Getty Images in Stock Images. These Includes Alliance Partnerships working together on joint-venture projects sharing resources and tools, Distribution Partnerships that share distribution channels, Content Partnerships that provide some quality content, Technology Partnerships helping Getty Images to deliver quality content. Some of its famous partners are NDTV Prime so they can find photographers from India, Conde Nast so they can showcase some rare fashion, Dropbox so customers can have quick access to their bought content with good quality, EyeEm so they can have a quality collection of photographs.

Now talking about the key resources of Getty Images so they are the company website which I’ve mentioned earlier, its intellectual properties, its technical structure, its partners and affiliate brands, and its stock of media content.

Lastly, let’s talk about their cost and revenue streams. They spend most of their cost on their technologies, IT infrastructure, managing their partners, and reservation of their personnel. They also spend on salaries and give benefits to their employees. With that, some part of the cost also goes for managing the network of offices in over 100 countries. Talking about revenue so the company has reportedly generated $201.7 million revenue.

This was all the detailed overview of the Getty Images company which will solve all the questions you have about the company.

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