Fujitsu – Company Overview

Fujitsu is a Japanese based company, which is engaged with the process of offering IT products and services to the market. The headquarters of Fujitsu is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most trusted brands out there in the world as well. That’s because people who have purchased offered by Fujitsu brand say that the brand didn’t let them down. In fact, people who purchased the products were able to get the best possible results out of what they purchased at the end of the day. 

When you take a look at the statistics from the year 2018, you will notice that Fujitsu is the fourth largest IT service providing company in terms of revenue. In fact, the other companies that stay ahead of Fujitsu include AWS, Accenture, and IBM. You can also consider Fujitsu as one of the most admired companies out there in the world. Moreover, it is a Global 500 company as well.

You can find how Fujitsu is offering numerous computing products to the market. Along with that, you will be able to see how the company is providing a diverse collection of services and products in numerous areas, such as enterprise computing, and personal computing. You can find how Fujitsu has expanded the lineup of products and services offered into telecommunications and storage drives as well. Moreover, it is possible to see how the company is offering air conditioning, advanced microelectronics, and numerous other innovative products to the market.

As of now, Fujitsu Company has got more than 140,000 employees, who are working from numerous parts of the world. In fact, employees of Fujitsu are working from more than 100 different countries in the world. Fujitsu is a publicly listed company. You can find how this company is listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

History of Fujitsu

Fujitsu is one of the oldest IT companies that exist out there in the world. In fact, the company started business operations in the year 1935, where IT was not a mainstream topic. The company started business operations under the name Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing. It was a joint venture. 

The very first computer in Japan was manufactured by the engineers at Fujitsu. It took place in the year 1954. The computer manufactured by Fujitsu was a FACOM 100 mainframe computer. Then the company went ahead and started manufacturing the second lineup of computers. It was released to the market under the FACOM 222 series. By the year 1968, Fujitsu was into manufacturing the third wave of computers to the market as well. From the year 1955m Fujitsu offered mainframe computers to the market, up until the year 2002. The products offered by Fujitsu have included servers, small business computers, minicomputers, and personal computers. 

By the year 1971, Fujitsu was able to go ahead and sign up for an agreement along with a company based in Canada named Consolidated Computers Limited. This helped the company to ensure its penetration to the western markets with ease.

In the year 1990, it was possible for Fujitsu to go ahead and acquire 8 0% of the shares held by a UK based computer company named ICL. Likewise, the company expanded the product and services lineup and it was able to launch numerous solutions to the market. Therefore, it was able to become the most trusted IT Company among numerous markets out there in the world as well.  

Products and services offered by Fujitsu

You can find Fujitsu offering numerous products and services to the market. The following are the most prominent products available for consumers out of them. You can simply go through the product lineup and get a better understanding of what this company is capable of.

  • Cloud computing 

Fujitsu has high-end data centers, where they offer cloud computing services to the market. In fact, the data centers of Fujitsu are scattered around Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. Fujitsu was able to start offering these cloud solutions to the people in need based on their launch of a new project called Global Cloud Platform Strategy back in the year 2010. As of now, people are in apposition to obtain infrastructure as a service from Fujitsu with the cloud solutions that are available. You can also find how Fujitsu is offering virtual reality systems based upon the power of cloud computing centers that they own.

Moreover, Fujitsu was able to successfully implement a cloud-based Platform as a Service back in the year 2013. This was one of the best inventions in the automation industry. That’s because it was able to ensure workflow automation in an effective manner. Moreover, it was also possible to automate the process of business application development as well. 

Local cloud platforms are also being offered by Fujitsu to numerous markets. One of the best markets out of them is Australia. You can find how Fujitsu is maintaining domestic data centers. These domestic data centers are in a position to keep sensitive financial information under compliance and jurisdiction standards at all times.

  • Microprocessors 

Fujitsu is a leading microprocessor manufacturer to the market as of now as well. In fact, Fujitsu is engaged with manufacturing a CPU that is a SPARC complaint. This is included within the K computer, which is also known as the fastest supercomputer to exist in the world by the year 2011. 

The ARM architecture microprocessors offered by Fujitsu to the market are used for a variety of applications out there in the world. You can also find how they are being used for numerous industrial level purposes as well. Fujitsu is a brand that is heavily driven forward by innovation. Therefore, a large number of innovative products are offered by the company to the market as well. People who are looking forward to getting their hands on microprocessors can think about purchasing what is offered by Fujitsu.

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