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Motivation is essential to do anything. For the workout, physical activity trackers are most important to motivate people. So, a good quality physical tracker makes them more active. The trackers work psychologically to enhance the will power of a persona and encourage him to do more. So, for fitness purposes, you must need authentic and best quality physical activity trackers. Fitbit is the well-known name among these trackers and no doubt the best one to perform their function. There are many brands and types of Fitbit trackers. Fitbit came into the market in 2008 and now it has made the firm place in the fitness market share. In ancient times, the pedometer was used to monitor the physical activity. So, we can say Fitbit trackers are the modern trackers.


What is Fitbit?


Fitbit is the best company to make fitness technology products. They make many fitness products like fitness trackers, smartwatches and some other accessories. But, this company is famous for its fitness bands or trackers that include Flex, Alta, Charge, and Ace, etc. If you are thinking that they must be complicated let me tell you are wrong because these are very simple devices. These are even in the clip size or cloth pin that you can attach with your bra strip or pants pocket. The size of most devices is about 5 centimeters in length and 1.2-centimeter thickness. Well, many features are different in each product.


Lines of Fitbit Trackers:

There are the following lines of Fitbit:


Charge Band:

  1. It is the most advanced and no doubt highly price.
  2. It is available in two sizes small band size and large size band size.
  3. There are many colors in the charge band line.
  4. Some of the more advanced models of these charge lines also support the Fitbit pay: a payment method of Fitbit.
  • They also have many other features like:
  • Smartphone Notification
  • Activity tracking
  • Health Tracking
  • Touchscreen
  • Water Resistance for swimming
  • Automatic Exercise Detection


Alta HR:

  1. It is equally advanced as the charge band.
  2. The most distinguishable feature is the built-in heart rate monitoring character.
  3. It also monitors your sleep cycle.
  4. One more thing you can also get the notifications of calls, messages and calendar reminders on this band of Fitbit.
  5. It has some drawbacks:
  • However, it lacks the authenticity to check the sleep cycle and the heartbeat monitoring is not 100 percent authentic.
  • It is not water resistance



  1. It is the most common, well, the cheapest Fitbit band.
  2. Flex band is water-resistant and perfect for swimming.
  3. It can automatically monitor your exercise activity.
  4. It also displays the notifications of texts, calls, and others.               


Ace Band:

  1. This band of Fitbit is specially designed for the kids of 8 years’ age.
  2. It is very small in size and you can it by attaching to the waistband.
  3. It monitors the activity of the id and if the band is connected to the phone it can display the incoming call notifications.
  4. It is a splash-proof device but not the waterproof. You kid can wear it in a shower.


Lines of smartwatches:

As far as the smartwatch lines are concerned there are two famous lines: –


The Ionic:

  • It was released in 2017 and has many advanced functions. It includes
  • Sleep tracking features
  • Calorie tracking features
  • Built-in GPS for fitness monitoring.
  • This watch is also able to resist water but up to 50 meters. So, you can wear it during swimming.


The Versa:

  1. It was released exactly after the one of the Ionic release. So, that was 2018.
  2. It is somehow different in design but the features are almost the same. But, it lacks Built-in GPS for exercise monitoring.
  3. For availing this feature, you must have to connect it to the smartphone and use the GPS feature.


Working of Fitbit:

Fitbit products have different functions and capabilities but all they can do the same functions. All the bands and watches can track your steps. If you are riding a bike, exercising, running and swimming it can track your activity. You can look at your watch to check the daily activity. You can check your activity daily, weekly or monthly according to your needs. So, it enables you to set up the fitness goals and workout accordingly. With the help of the GPS feature, you can track your daily routes and all the ups and downs of your path.

Fitbit devices use the accelerometer to track all the movements. The accelerometer monitors and records all the physical activity and then convert it into the digital measurements. This is the exact method the Fitbit counts your steps, distance your cover, calorie burned and the sleep cycle. The built-in algorithm feature indicates the Fitbit that a person is moving. It counts your steps and estimates the calories burned.


Main Goal of Fitbit:

The main goal of Fitbit is to keep your body fit and make you slim. It is the kind of monitoring and motivating app that urges a person to do more exercise. A slim fit body is the aim and goal of everyone. The main problem occurs when you eat much and burn fewer calories. The main fat problem is due to the excess of calories that remain unburned. Physical activity is essential for life and the lack of leas to obesity. So, Fitbit aims to motivate you for the workout.


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