Evernote – Company Overview

All of us come across the need to take notes. If you are a student, you would get the need to take notes while you are attending the lectures. On the other hand, corporate professionals will have to take notes in every meeting that they participate. A variety of methods are available for them to take notes and Evernote holds a prominent place out of them. 

What is Evernote

Evernote can simply be defined as a flexible and a user-friendly tool, which is in a position to help any person take notes with convenience. If you are planning to take notes on a meeting or during lectures, you just need to open this tool and do it. The app is compatible with laptops, tablets as well as smartphones. 

Evernote is not just a traditional note capturing app. Instead, it offers many other features, which can revolutionize the process of taking notes. For example, it can be used to digitize the important files, create business workflow processes, monitor finances and note down image centric brainstorms. 

Evernote has the ability to change the way how you work. It provides an end to end solution for all your note taking needs. For example, you would be provided with the opportunity to collect materials and organize properly, so that you can easily access them at any time you want. 

History of Evernote

Evernote Company originated back in the year 2008. It was Stepan Pachikov, who went ahead and created the spark in order to begin the Evernote Company. Since then, he has been driving the company in forward direction. 

Even though you can find a desktop application and a mobile application offered by Evernote, it all started with a web service. In other words, Evernote helped people to take notes on the web. The very first public beta version of Evernote went live in the year 2008. Along with that, Evernote became popular. The user-friendliness and the versatility linked with Evernote contributed a lot towards its popularity. In fact, it didn’t take even three years for the company to reach 11 million consumers. 

Year 2010 was a significant one for Evernote. That’s because the company went ahead and won a $20 million funding round. This funding round was initiated and Led by DoCoMo Capital. It was possible for Evernote to bag funding worth #50 million through this venture. In addition to that, they went ahead with another funding round as well, which helped the company to bag $70 million. The availability of funding them helped the team behind Evernote to come up with many great and exciting features. That’s how you will be able to see all the rich features that are available in Evernote. You will fall in love with these features and what are being offered by it. 

Evernote Revenues 

There are two major variations in Evernote as the free version and the premium version. In order to obtain the premium version, you will be asked to make a payment of $5 per month. Or else, you can purchase the yearly plan, which is marked at $45. With the free version, you will be able to upload data worth 60MB per month. But if you get hold of a premium plan, you would be provided with the ability to upload up to 1GB per month. Apart from the upload limit, Premium version offers many other advanced features, such as ability to search through PDF files, two set verification and mobile app lock. 

The premium version is helping Evernote Company to generate revenues out of what they offer. As of now, Evernote is making millions of dollars with this paid plan. Even though the exact figures are not released to the market, we can guess that with the popularity of Evernote. In fact, most of the companies prefer to get hold of the premium version offered by Evernote in order to make their lives easy with the notetaking process. For a relatively small company like Evernote, it is a massive generation of profits at the end of the day. 

What are the features of Evernote free version? 

  • Web clipping support – Now you can easily clip items while you are browsing through the web. 
  • Edit rich text and sketches – Evernote offers features that can make the note taking experience more realistic. Therefore, you will be able to edit rich text as well as sketches. 
  • Store notes, web clips, files and images – A variety of file formats, including notes, web clips, files and images can be stored in Evernote. 
  • Save favorite web ages – The favorite web pages that you come across while browsing the website can also be stored in Evernote. 
  • Share notes – The ability to share notes and collaborate on the stored files is also being provided along with Evernote. 


Marketing strategy of Evernote

Evernote is conducting heavy marketing campaigns, regardless of the popularity that it has been able to bag in the recent past. In fact, Evernote is one of the most preferred methods available among people in today’s world for taking notes. However, Evernote is still promoting the company, especially through digital marketing methods. These marketing campaigns can provide a better overall assistance for Evernote to take their initiatives to the next level. 

The features mentioned above can be experienced in your PC, tablet or the mobile app. Evernote has offered optimized apps for each platform in order to make the life easy for you when taking down notes. 

The innovative products offered by Evernote are heavily being marketed. These products convey to the people that Evernote is not just a traditional note taking platform. For example, there is a product called Scannable, where you can scan the documents and upload them directly into your Evernote notes. In addition to that, you can find another tool called Skietch, which can help you with sketching. Likewise, Web Clipper can help you to capture selected text, images and even full page articles on the web.

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