Eventbrite – Company Overview

Eventbrite is an event management website based in United States. This website is being used for ticketing purposes as well. The service offered by Eventbrite creates a platform for the users to create, browse and promote local events. The event organizers will need to pay a fee in order to use the platform and promote their events. It is also important to keep in mind that the event organizers will only need to make a payment if they are charging for the tickets. If the event organizers are not charging for the tickets, they don’t have to make a payment to Eventbrite. In other words, they can use the platform for free. It is a public business, which is based in San Francisco, United States. The services offered by Eventbrite are available for people in all parts of the world. 


History of Eventbrite

Eventbrite Company was launched back in the year 2006. San Francisco has been the hometown to this company throughout the past. The very first international office of the company was launched in the year 2012. As of now, Eventbrite has got branches all around the world. They are located in Sao Paulo, Madrid, Mendoza, Melbourne, Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam, Cork, London and Nashville. These regional offices contribute heavily towards the overall service that Eventbrite Company is offering.

It was Kevin Hartz who founded Eventbrite Company. He is currently working as the Executive Chairman of the company as well. He got the help of Julia Hertz to launch the company. This was the very first major player of its kind within the market of United States. As the first player to enter into the market, Eventbrite could experience numerous benefits that were thrown in their day.

Before launching Eventbrite, Kevin Hartz had experience in working with PayPal. Moreover, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of Xoom Cooperation as well. Which is a worldwide money transfer company. Julia Hartz is the wife of Kevin Hartz. She provided a great support to Kevin with discovering Eventbrite. 

On the year 2011, Eventbrite was able to raise funds worthy for around $50 million. They were able to do it in a Series E Financing Event, which was led by Tiger Global. After two years, Eventbrite could raise another $60 million through Tiger Global. This contributed heavily towards the success of the company.

Back in the year 2016, Julia was able to become the CEO of Eventbrite. In the meantime, Kevin was working as the Executive Chairman of the company. By this time, the company had strong roots. As a result, it went ahead and acquired many other small scale business startups. This provided an excellent environment for the company to ensure its growth along with time as well. 

For example, Eventbrite purchased a startup based in Washington, which was called as Nvite. In the same year, Eventbrite could purchase Pandora and Ticketfly for a price of $200 million as well. This acquisition could strengthen the position of Eventbrite within the music industry. 


How does Eventbrite offer the services? 

Eventbrite is offering information related to a variety of events that are taking place in the world. If you are an event organizer and if you want to make the tickets available online for interested people to purchase, Eventbrite is an excellent option available to consider. You can simply use this platform and get your work done with minimum hassle. Likewise, any person who wants to promote an event can think about using Eventbrite as a platform as well.

On the other hand, people who want to take part in the events that are organized in different parts of the world can think about using the services offered by Eventbrite. Based on the services that are available, it is possible to get information related to local events as well as international events. You can simply transform the overall experience that you are getting with the support offered by Eventbrite. 

Creating an event on Eventbrite is an easy thing to do. It is possible to get started with adding an event within just few minutes. It is also possible to add a stunning listing page into the event with minimum hassle. Moreover, it is possible to add analytics and payment processing capabilities into it as well. Moreover, much-needed support will be offered by Eventbrite when adding events. 

There is an in-built payment processor available in Eventbrite. You will be able to use that payment processor in order to get the attendees to make payments and purchase tickets. Moreover, it is possible to get the payments the hands quickly as well. Hence, event organizers can make sure that they don’t have to keep money on hold for many hours.

The event organizers are provided with an exclusive mobile app with Eventbrite as well. While using this mobile app, it is possible to run events, promote events and track events through the mobile device with ease. An event host can take utmost control over the event with the support and assistance offered by Eventbrite. 

Managing all the sales can be done with the help of Eventbrite platform as well. Based on that, it is possible to track the sales with minimum difficulties. It provides real time analytics and reporting capabilities to you from any device that you can access from the internet. 

No matter what, Eventbrite provides an excellent overall assistance to the users with elevating their brands. There is a high possibility to promote the unique brands with ease while utilizing the services that are offered by Eventbrite Moreover, it is also possible to promote the beautifully designed pages with minimum trouble while you are using Eventbrite as well. Hence, any person can use it as a strong and a sturdy platform to engage with ticket purchasing. The purchasing capabilities provided by Eventbrite are outstanding. Hence, event hosts can stick to Eventbrite without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in mind.

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