Discord – Company Overview

Discord is a popular freeware VoIP application available for the people in today’s world to get their hands on. On the other hand, it is also possible to call Discord as a comprehensive digital distribution platform. It plays a major role by creating communities for different user groups, including business owners, students and gamers.

The specialty in Discord is that it can be used to streamline the transfer of audio, video, image and text content in between multiple users. This can be done effectively via a chat channel. Discord is running on top of a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows. As per the recent studies, it has been identified that over 250 million people around the world are accessing Discord to get their media sharing and communication work done with ease.

History of Discord

The idea to launch a platform such as Discord came into the mind of Jason Citron. He was the same person who discovered Open Feint as well. It was a popular social gaming platform, which was designed specifically for the use of mobile gamers. Even though Open Feint was popular, James Citron decided to sell it. That’s where he focused on investing on the development of Discord.

The money acquired from the sale of Open Feint was used to start Hammer & Chisel game development studio. One of the major projects completed by this game development studio was Discord. In order to develop Discord, they had to acquire some additional funds. This is where they decided to seek the assistance of an incubator. 

The company could raise an additional amount of $20 million. Then they were able to launch the Discord platform successfully in the year 2016. Many other investments were included in it as well. Even after the launch, Discord decided to raise more investments. These investments could contribute heavily towards the new features that were launched with the platform along with time. 

Discord server 

The Discord server is using metaphors of channels and servers. This is quite similar to the functionality that you can find in an Internet Relay Chat. There is no need to map the servers to traditional hardware to achieve the distributed nature. This contributed heavily towards the popularity of Discord servers among users.

Any person was provided with the opportunity to create his own virtual server on top of Discord. Then he was provided with the chance to manage access and public visibility of the server as well. On top of that, it was possible for the users to create additional channels within the service.

A large number of activities could be completed within the server. For example, the users were provided with the chance to create channels along with category framework. It provided enhanced visibility and better access to the channels. They could easily be customized within the server as well. One of the main customizations that could be introduced to the servers is NSFW, which refers to Not Safe for Work. All the people who are visiting the channel for the very first time had to verify their age and ensure that they are over 18 to get into the channel.

Every single user on Discord is associated with a four digit discriminator. This number is shown after the # sign. It providers multiple users to get hold of the same name. Due to the same reason, users have found it as an easy task to locate their friends within the Discord platform with minimum hassle as well.

Discord is providing the users to get connected to Twitch. This access is available on user level as well as in server level. Apart from Twitch, it is compatible with other major gaming service accounts as well. Along with these integrations, it is also possible to get hands on unique messaging tools. These messaging tools are located within the app. For example, it is possible for Discord to determine whether a user is currently playing a game on Steam platform or not. It is also possible to determine whether a user is connected to the Steam account as well.

The Discord client is offering much of the work that are available through this platform. The client has been built on top of Electron framework. Latest web technologies have been used for the development of it, so that the users are provided with a reliable and a solid platform. Any person who wants to gain access to it will be able to complete the job with an internet browser. Or else, it is possible to get Discord as an installed application within the computer.

The Discord client is connected to 11 different data centers, which are located around the world. Hence, it has been able to keep the overall latency levels low as much as possible. On the other hand, all the versions of Discord are offering the same set of features to the users. Out of those features, the most prominent features include screen sharing, desktop audio and playing games from Discord game store.

Discord is a platform that is specifically designed for gaming purposes. That’s mainly because it is capable of delivering a super low level of latency. Along with that, Discord is providing access to free voice chat servers as well. There is a dedicated server infrastructure available at Discord. This can help the users to gain access to available services with minimum trouble.

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