Dell – Company Overview

Dell, which operates under the name Dell Incorporated is one of the most prominent American technology companies that you can find out there in the world. This multinational company is offering a variety of products and services to the market. In fact, they are engaged in the process of developing, selling, repairing and supporting computers and other related products or services in an effective manner. 

The company was named after its founder, Michael Dell. You can call it as one of the biggest technological corporations that you can find out there in the entire world. As of now, more than 145,000 people are working for Dell. Dell has got offices in United States and other parts of the world as well.

One of the most prominent services offered by Dell to the market is Dell personal computers. In addition to that, Dell is offering network switches, data storage devices, servers, computer peripherals, HDTV, software, and data storage devices to the market. They are also engaged in the process of offering servers to the market as well. Some of the other consumer products offered by Dell to the market include MP3 players, printers and camera. 

Dell is one of the most prominent brand names that you can find out there in electronic commerce and supply chain management. In fact, they have an impressive direct sales model. It has been designed to configure to order or build to order. Hence, Dell is capable of manufacturing personal computers that are configured according to specific customer requirements. 

Back in history, Dell was primarily a hardware vendor. However, they went ahead and acquired Perot Systems back in the year 2009. That’s where the company entered into the IT services. Along with that, the company has made numerous other acquisitions in networking systems and storage. Company experts were able to expand their portfolio in a convenient manner along with that. Therefore, customers of Dell started receiving comprehensive solutions. This attracted a large number of enterprise customers towards the company and what is offered by the company.

According to the stats of 2014, Dell was listed at 51st position in the list of Fortune 500 companies. However, the company was subjected to some significant transformations in the year 2013. Along with that, the company was able to outrank many other companies, including HP and Lenovo. It is the sixth largest company that you can find in Texas in terms of revenue generated.

History of Dell

Dell was started as a company back in the year 1984. As mentioned earlier, Michael Dell was the founder of the company. During inception, name of the company was just PCs Limited. In fact, Michael Dell has been studying at the University of Texas located in Austin at that time. 

Dell dropped out of this school because he wanted to focus on the development of his business. This is where he decided to buy expansion capital worth $1,000 from his family members. From that money, he came up with a PC that has its own design. It was named as Turbo PC. This PC was later sold for a price tag of $795. That was the very first sale made by Dell. 

Along with that, Dell started offering more and more PCs to the market. In fact, advertisements of products offered by Dell were published in newspapers and computer magazines. They further contributed towards the success of the company. Dell was a company that could experience a rapid development within the very first year. In fact, the company could secure more than $73 million within its very first year of operation. This is one of the most prominent success stories that we can see about Dell.

Products offered by Dell

As of now, Dell is offering various products, which are targeting different industry segments out there in the market. In fact, Dell has become a trusted name among different markets. That’s because the products offered to the market by Dell can be trusted and people can go ahead and purchase them without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in mind.

As of now, Dell is offering both personal computer systems and office computer systems. They are also offering a product called Dell Vestro, which is a small business desktop. You will be able to get most of the Dell Notebooks with free DOS operating system or Linux.

The business focused notebooks offered by Dell to the market come under the Dell Latitude category. Likewise, Dell is offering high performance mobile workstations for people in need under the Precision Category. 

You can discover Dell offering a large number of peripheral devices as well. They include printers, LCD televisions and USB key drives. On top of these products, you will notice that the Dell monitors have received a lot of attention. A considerable percentage of monitors sold out there in the world fall under Dell brand. Therefore, you can keep the peace of mind and invest your money to purchase what Dell will be able to offer to you. You will fall in love with all those products that are sent to you by the trusted brand.

Likewise, you can discover Dell support and service brands. Among them, the Dell Solution Station is the most prominent option. It can be considered as an extended domestic support service available. In addition to that, Dell is offering extensive support services to countries that are located outside America as well. These services are offered by the Dell support service.

Businesses that you can find out there in the world are receiving the support and benefit that is available to them by the Dell business Support Unit. Businesses that use the products of Dell for their business purposes will be able to get in touch with this support service. Along with that, those businesses will be able to overcome the problems and issues that they are facing in an effective manner. It can help them to focus on the business operations efficiently as well.

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