Corsair – Company Overview

Based in Fremont, California, Corsair is a manufacturer of computer peripherals and hardware. Other than production, this organization does designs. The private company was founded in 1994 by Andy Paul, Don Lieberman and John Beekley. With millions of dollars in revenue, the company has about 1000 employees. Below is a little history about Corsair.


Corsair was established in 1994 and incorporated the same year. 13 years later, the company was reincorporated in Delaware. Since its formation, the company used to develop level two cache modules. This was in addition to cache on A stick. It was until 2002 that this giant manufacturer started supplying DRAM modules. This was in a move to appeal to computer enthusiasts. Up until now, the company has continued making memory modules for personal computers. Not only that, the organization has had more additions to the PC components.

With profits streaming in, Corsair has been expanding its production lines whenever need arises. This has attracted more investors. Back in 2017, the company agreed to an acquisition proposal by Eagle Tree Capital. The equity firm acquired a substantive amount of Corsairs’ shares. The deal valued at $525 million ensured the CEO, Andy Paul retains his shareholding pie. 

Seemingly, this acquisition by Eagle Tree Capital was a strategic move that gave birth to more opportunities. Exactly a year later, on June 27, 2018, Corsair acquired Elgato Gaming from Elgato. Although, this did not include the Eve Division. Another year later, Corsair agreed to another acquisition. They took over ORIGIN PC Corp. All these decisions coming in to improve their financial muscles and increase their market share.

The computer industry and the gaming niche continues to be competitive until this date. It is through such acquisitions and take overs that organizations become more competitive. Going forward, we await to see more strategic decisions being made in favor of the giant manufacturer.


Corsair’s headquarters is the center of its operations. In addition, there are other production units supporting the main office. These are the three subsidiaries of Corsair. They include: Elgato, Origin PC and SCUF Gaming. The latter was just recently acquired at the end of 2019. The subsidiaries work closely with the main office to ensure operations are streamlined and results are achieved.

Other than Fremont, Corsair has other facilities spread world over. Taiwan has quite a number of computer manufacturing organizations. Corsair is one of them. The American based company has a production unit in the China city with the sole purpose of taking care of its Asian and European markets.


Corsair has a number of products in supply. They include the following:

  • Keyboards
  • Mouse and mousepads
  • Gaming chairs
  • ATX and SFX
  • USB drives
  • Headset stands
  • Computer fans and Liquid CPU/GPU cooling solutions

There are more products Corsair produces. All of them are listed on their website The current trend in the computer industry is inclusion of RGB lighting. To stay afloat of competition, Corsair too has included the feature in most of their products. This means their clients find all the desired features in their products.

Target Market

Computer enthusiasts are all targets for this company. Gamers alike. The company has buyers from the US, Asia and Europe in addition to other countries worldwide. This is the reason it keeps making millions of dollars in profits. The Taiwan based production facility takes care of the Asian and Europe demand besides supporting the American production unit with supplies.

Corsair’s products are available online as well as on physical tech stores. This has ensured everyone is taken care of irrespective of their geographical location. Their prices are also competitive and products of high quality. This has been their competitive advantage as well as specialization.

Website Experience

Corsair just like any other serious outfit has a website- So, how does this website look and feel? The site performs fairly well in terms of mobile friendliness. The website is alive with graphics displaying on their landing page. Other than an appealing landing page, the site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

At the top left is a three bar button menu. Upon clicking the tab, you will access the menu giving you five options. They include:

  • Products
  • Showcase
  • Support
  • Community
  • Gaming

Chances are one of the buttons has the specific function you are looking for. In case there isn’t, top right of the site is a search button where you can get all you need. 

As you scroll down the site, you get access to more of their products. At the bottom of the page is an option to change the language. There are more than ten languages you can switch to, including; English, French, Italian and German. Not only that, you can also switch your location for better results. All this is to improve your experience with the site.

At the bottom of the page is an About section. From this section you can learn everything about the Corsair company. Their leadership team is also captured there. If you wish to pursue a career with them, you may click the Career button and peruse the opportunities. Their contacts are listed there too.


Support is a critical part of any product. It is the reassurance that users have of value for their money. Even when your program or item goes bad, you are guaranteed the issue will be sorted and things will be back to normal soon. The Corsair support team can be accessed through their website. Top left of the page is a triple line button which when clicked gives you a Support button to click.


Corsair has an online presence as strong as its physical dominance. The organization continues to attract clients from world over and make profits. The website looks and feels amazing. Corsair also boasts of a great history having been in the game for close to three decades. Their products match their clients’ needs and that is why they keep growing. With the need for more gaming gears in the future, Corsair will keep thriving and dominating the field.

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