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Taiwan is home to many leading computer manufacturing organizations and Cooler Master is one of them. This company is one of a series of organizations formed in the 90’s and causing a real disruption in the computer manufacturing industry. Other than computer manufacturing, Cooler Master also makes CPU and VGA coolers in addition to motherboard heatsinks. Below is a brief history of the company.


Cooler Master was established in 1992. The headquarters is in Zhonghe District in Taiwan. For the years Cooler Master has been in the industry, they have continued to produce personalized computers and strive to satisfy all kinds of personalities. The team has done its research well and understands each of its client’s needs. This ability to consistently satisfy their customer’s need is what has kept them in business for a while now.

For almost three decades, Cooler Master has been manufacturing devices that takes care of the diversity its clients exhibit. Price, purpose, look and many other criteria determine customer behavior. Cooler Master’s many years of existence in the business has empowered the organization with the ability to design products that will satisfy the needs of even the most critical client they have.

In 2008, a subsidiary brand by the name CM Storm was established. This outfit has since been used to form partnerships with gaming organizations. Through such links, the manufacturer gets intel and uses this research to produce customer specific products. This agreement went until 2018. Since then, Cooler Master halted product selling under the CM Storm brand.



Organizations mostly establish branches to relieve the main office from pressure. As demand goes up, more space and manpower is necessary to sustain production and supply. Cooler Master has branches in the United States, Germany, Holland, Russia and Brazil. The spread of these branches has enabled the organization reach out to more clients.

As an organization, the headquarters is the central source of control. The heads of these branches work closely with the headquarters to ensure these units are at par with the head office. This way, at no point will a unit lose direction and do its own things.

As the employees strive to meet the organization’s objectives, the management works hard to ensure the rights strategy are used to stay competitive and maintain quality. Practicing best standard practices is also a function of every employee and the management ensures everyone obliges.



Below are the four major categories of products manufactured and supplied by Cooler Master:

  • Computer cases
  • Power supplies
  • Computer coolers
  • Computer peripherals

Other than computer products, you can get setups you can use to better your computer experience. For instance, you will find fine chairs for your use on display when you click the setup button on their site. There are more products than computers to improve your pc usage experience.

With time, this company releases new products created out of research and analysis of market feedback. They also update their previous releases to meet the clients’ new needs. This helps them retain their clients and shake off competition.

Currently, there is one major product sold under the Cooler Master brand- the Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler. This product is touted one of the most popular for those operating on a tight budget. Another selling product is the Threadripper. Not only that, Cooler Master in 2020 released a gaming headset. These and more products under the Cooler Master brand ensure the company meets demand.


Target Market

Cooler Master produces products for both computer users and other manufacturers. With facilities in America, Europe and Asia, their clients are well supplied and their demand met. Initially, through its subsidiary, Cooler Master collaborated with gaming organizations to produce fine products. The strategic arrangements existed to help the company understand their market’s specific needs. 


Website Experience

The company’s website is With a “Make It Yours” line welcoming you, the organization’s website is well done. It’s easy to the eyes and inviting. The bright colors used to form the theme are just amazing.

Top right of the page is the menu tab. From there you can quickly access most functions of the page include products, support and business solutions. You can also sign up and create an account with them. The sign up portal is simple and self-guiding. Logging in is also possible through the channel. By clicking the menu bar, you also get access to a search button. Using this search option, you can look for and find anything you want.

As you scroll down, you will get a quick view of some of their amazing products. You may choose to open the “Learn More” button to get the details of the particular products or keep scrolling down. Be sure to love the brightly colored products with catchy graphics design. The site oozes uniqueness and quality.

Also listed on the main site are their regional sites. Through the listed links you can get access to the branch nearest to you.



The quality of a product is measured by its durability among other criteria. Although products malfunction sometimes, that does not make them of low quality. Cooler Master provides warranty for most of its products. You may check for the warranty availability of your product on their site. Other than that, you may receive technical support in case of need. Sometimes we face challenges with products which require assistance but not serious enough to call for the attention of the support team. In such cases you may go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the company’s site. Your issue is probably a common problem and has been addressed before.



Cooler master is a dealer in computer and cooling products. The company is well represented online with a well done site. Not only that, the support team is proactive in helping users sort their issues. A good history and products that meet clients’ needs are also things to note. Finally, the company structure allows the internal operations to be run smoothly. 

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