Coinbase – Company Overview

You can discover a large number of digital currency exchange services scattered out there in the world. Among those services, Coinbase holds a prominent place. The team at Coinbase has been able to earn a lot of reputation out of the excellent services offered by them by working as a digital currency exchange platform. The headquarters of Coinbase is located in San Francisco. 

Coinbase is engaged with the process of exchanging a variety of cryptocurrencies. Some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies out them include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. As of now, the services offered by Coinbase are available in 32 different countries out there in the world.

History of Coinbase

Coinbase came into playback in the year 2012. By this time, there was not much hype about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Therefore, Coinbase was able to establish itself as a solid entity in the market. In other words, they were able to secure the initiative by helping people to go ahead with their cryptocurrency transactions.

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase is engaged in the process of introducing new and innovative services for the people in need. Coinbase Commerce can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact. This can be considered as a new resource, which provides the ability for merchants scattered all around the world to go ahead and accept digital currencies via the Coinbase platform. This can provide great overall assistance to the merchants. On the other hand, it would further contribute towards the popularity of services that Coinbase is offering.

The merchants are now provided with the chance to accept many different types of cryptocurrencies directly into their wallets. This is one of the steps taken by Coinbase to create an open financial system. Along with that, they designed the solution to serve merchants who are living all over the world. This product is quite different from the previous products that Coinbase has released. It is also important to keep in mind that Coinbase is not a hosted service. Due to the same reason, merchants are provided with complete control over the digital currencies as well. 

Introduction of Ethereum Classic

Coinbase is open to providing support to many new cryptocurrencies along with time. This can deliver a better overall service to the people who are working with them as well. The introduction of Ethereum Classic is one of the best steps taken by Coinbase to introduce an innovative cryptocurrency for the people who are interested in exchanging them. 

We will be able to see Coinbase being open to many new cryptocurrencies that will be released in the world as well. Therefore, people can think about using Coinbase as an ultimate platform, where they will be able to go ahead with the cryptocurrency exchanging needs. They will be delivered with an improved experience by Coinbase as well.

Coinbase is managing more than 20 million accounts 

As of now, you can call Coinbase one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanging services available out there. They are managing over 20 million accounts as of now. During a short period, they were able to attract a large number of consumers. That’s because Coinbase was able to take the initiative by offering cryptocurrency exchange services to people in need. Along with that, it became a prominent place for people to go ahead and exchange their cryptocurrencies. When the popularity of Coinbase increased, more and more people started joining it as well. That’s the main reason why it could surpass more than 20 million user accounts.

However, Coinbase is still a small player when compared to other big companies that exist in the financial market. As of now, Coinbase is storing virtual currencies that are worth around $20 million. Some of the well-established companies out there in the world have invested in Coinbase as well. Therefore, people don’t need to worry too much about the overall credibility of Coinbase at the time of signing up for their accounts.

Coinbase is opening a new office in Chicago

The headquarters of Coinbase is located in San Francisco. The team is looking forward to keeping it as the head office. However, they will be opening another new office in Chicago. That’s because they were able to grow the business exponentially. The San Francisco office alone is not in a position to cater to the needs of Coinbase. Hence, they are forced to start a new office and move forward with their initiatives. 

The new office will be started with around 30 new members. We will be able to see the opening of the new office by the end of 2019. One of the biggest reasons why Coinbase is opening a new office in Chicago is due to the available technical talent. There is a strong technical community in Chicago and surrounding areas. They have exposure to the financial world as well. Therefore, Coinbase will not struggle too much when they are recruiting employees to work for the company Coinbase. It can contribute a lot towards the future success of Coinbase as well. 

Coinbase is actively supporting the nanodegree program as well. This is one of the fin-tech specialization courses, designed for people who are interested in becoming Blockchain developers. As per Coinbase, the popularity of Blockchain technology is increasing along with time. In addition to that, it is also possible to find a large number of applications of Blockchain technology as well. Hence, people who are willing to become Blockchain developers will have a promising future and they will be able to follow the nanodegree program without keeping any doubt in mind. The time and effort invested in the nano degree program will be one of the best investments that they will be doing towards the future as well.

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