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Operations define an organization. Who reports where, what tools do they use to work, what results are they expected to deliver, and other logistics shape the success of companies. The past decade has seen a major shift in the way things are done with the increased inventions and innovations going on.

Technology has been a major contributor to these changes. That is why companies have had to modernize their working tools, incorporate the latest technology, redesign their processes and innovate customer-oriented experiences.

The redesigning process is not the easiest. That is why most of these organizations outsource these services. Cognizant is one of those companies actualizing these transformations. And that company will be our focus for this article. so, what do you need to know about this company? Stick on here.


One may ask how Cognizant helps companies revolutionize their operations. Well, they do so through their services below.

  • Digital strategy

To survive today as a leading organization, you must have a digital strategy. And that involves offering the best services to back your strategy.

You need an external viewpoint to have an effective digital strategy. Cognizant is that partner you need to achieve this. They have a skilled and talented team to guide you through the ropes of a successful strategy.

  • Industry and platform solutions

All organizations are players in different industries. Each of these sectors is guided by different government legislation and has varying rules. That is why strategies working in the hospitality industry may not be as to be effective in the healthcare sector.

You may need an expert to offer industry-specific solutions for your organization in that sector. That way, you will make sound decisions and correctly maneuver through challenges.

  • Intelligent process automation

Turn around time is one of the things clients consider. The truth is, your numbers will increase if you offer quality. When that happens, you must learn how to deal with pressure.

If you do this casually, you may lose some of your clients as they may perceive you as not competent enough to handle the pressure. Intelligent process automation helps smoothen your processes.

Smooth processes mean more efficiency is achieved. The result is a high customer retention ratio and thus more profits. This makes it easy for your organization to grow. Even as the growth happens, there will be a need for further improvement.

The improvement process is a work in progress. That means there won’t be an end to it. As you improve, you’re likely to grow and that may mean a need for further improvement.

  • Cloud enablement

Competitors use all means possible to bring you down. One of those may be to steal and/or vandalize your storage devices. Losing all that information may mean a drop in the quality of service you offer your client.

Imagine losing previous patient information in a hospital. Well, that may not end well with the treatment process. The doctor may end up giving the wrong medication or drugs that the patient is allergic to.

In cases where the doctor chooses to do their due diligence before prescribing medication, the client may wonder why he/she is being asked questions he/she answered sometime back.

That is why corporates have to be keen on their storage devices. Cloud’s invention changed a lot. Even with the loss of hardware storage devices, data can be backed up in space. That means the information can be retrieved in the future and utilized.

This service has seen competitors that would attack their industry fellows by destroying their data rethink. This is because it has become almost impossible to access others’ information without them giving you that access.

Cognizant is a leading company in cloud enablement. They ensure you have all the security and your data is safe on the cloud. They also make retrieval of the information easy for you.

  • Business process service

Every organization, whether for profit or not, has a business process. This perspective determines sustainability and shapes the future of the business. That is why the process must be smooth to allow for the long-term survival of the business.

Cognizant helps organizations shape their processes in the right direction. That way, these organizations can survive for long and beat the competition.

There are more services that this company offers including infrastructure services, enterprise, and application services & modernization among others. all these are critical services that companies need today to remain competitive.

It is no longer just about offering goods and services. There’s more you need to do behind the scenes to achieve your goals and run a sustainable business.

Business Information

The American technology organization is a public company and offers consulting services. The headquarters is in Teaneck, New York, US. The multinational is a competitive company and that is why it is listed by NASDAQ in the top 100.

Founded in January 1994, the company has its clients located the world over. It has its operating income and equity, as well as assets all in billions in value. With 320,000+ employees as of 2021, the company continues to serve its clients with a purpose.

Tech savviness is an important aspect of business operations today and that’s why they continue to grow their list of clients. As things become more competitive, their IT consulting services continue to grow in need.

Since 2002, the tech giant has been on an acquisition spree. They have managed to acquire tens of other companies just to become more competitive and grow their revenue as well as profit margins. Nova IT, Adaptra, Zone, SaasFocus, and MeritSoft are just a few leading organizations they acquired.

Business Model

A company’s business model determines a lot. It shapes the direction the organization will take and whether they will meet their clients’ expectations.

Cognizant has quite an interesting business model. They have offshore research and development centers as well as those in the US. These are centers that make the life-changing tech solutions their clients enjoy.

Their target is high-end clients. This means bigger revenues at reduced costs. In the end, the business is sustainable and continues to provide quality products to its clients.


Cognizant is a leading provider of tech services and products for multibillion companies. They offer IT consultancy services and provide modern solutions for these organizations.

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