Broadcom Inc. – Company overview

Silver Lake Partners and KKR went ahead and acquired the chip division section owned by Broadcom Inc. back in the year 2005. It was done for a massive deal, which is worth more than $2.6 billion. Along with that, Avago Technologies was formed. 

In the year 2014, Broadcom Inc. went ahead and sold the business with SSD controlling to Seagate Technology. This took place in the month of May. In the month of August, Broadcom Inc. was able to become the 9th largest semiconductor manufacturing company out there in the world. Soon after, Avago Technologies came into an agreement to sell the Axxia Business to Intel for a price tag of $650 million. Along with that, the company agreed to purchase PLX Technology. 

In the year 2015, Avago Technologies purchased Broadcom Inc. This happened for a transaction that is worth more than $37 billion. Out of them, $20 billion was in the form of shares and the remaining $17 billion was in the form of cash. Along with that, the company was named as Broadcom Ltd. The joint venture transformed the company into a massive one, which is earning annual revenue of $15 billion. Moreover, it had a market capitalization worth $7 7 billion as well.

It was Broadcom Inc., which went ahead and added more strength to Avago Technologies. Along with that, Broadcom Inc. was able to contribute heavily towards the patents of Avago Technologies as well. This helped the company to venture into new market segments, such as the Internet of Things, data centers, and mobile technologies. This helped the company to achieve the 9th place among semiconductor manufacturers out there in the world. 

In the year 2016, Broadcom Inc. went ahead and merged along with Brocade Communications Systems. This made some slight variations to the products and services offered under the company. However, a more prominent change took place in the company the next year. This is where Broadcom Inc. made the decision to purchase Qualcomm. They were planning to close the entire transaction for a price of $117 billion. Along with that, the company was able to further strengthen the domination position that it held within the market as well.

Products offered by Broadcom Inc.

You can find how Broadcom Inc. is offering a variety of products to the market. In fact, you can find numerous infrastructure software applications and semiconductor products offered by Broadcom Inc. to the market. These hardware products and software products launched to the market under the Broadcom Inc. brand are in a position to cater to numerous applications, such as wireless, broadband, software, networking, and storage. Moreover, you can also find how the company is contributing to numerous industrial markets as well.

Come of the most common applications associated with products offered by Broadcom Inc. to the market include broadband access, home connectivity, data center networking, factory automation, storage, and data center servers, alternative energy systems, power generation systems, and operations and management. Moreover, application system development has become a possibility with what Broadcom Inc. is offering to the market as well. Therefore, the company is in a position to expand rapidly along with time.

When you take a look at the products offered by Broadcom Inc., you will notice that Broadband modems that come under the brand are extremely popular. The company focuses on the manufacturing of the best quality broadband modems to the market. People will be able to use them for residential applications as well as commercial applications without having to worry too much about anything. They can ensure network connectivity at all times, without leading people towards hassle and frustration.

You can also find how Broadcom Inc. is providing GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi devices under the brand as well. They are more aligned with catering the industrial applications. Moreover, you can find how Broadcom Inc. is catering to the needs of the companies by offering them with enterprise-level infrastructure software as well. 

It is possible to find how Broadcom Inc. is currently engaged with the process of operating an enterprise security business. This business is operated under Symantec Brand. This company was owned by Norton back in history. However, Broadcom Inc. was able to purchase it in the year 2019. Therefore, we will be able to see how Broadcom Inc. will get into ensuring enterprise security as well.

As you can see, Broadcom Inc. has gone through numerous acquisitions throughout history. We can expect the brand to do that in the future as well. Therefore, Broadcom Inc. will become one of the most prominent and well-established brands in the future. Broadcom Inc. is an American based designer, manufacturer, developer and supplier of infrastructure software products and semiconductors. It is one of the well-recognized brand names that you can find out there in the world as of now as well. If you can take a look at the product portfolio of Broadcom Inc., you will be able to see how they are offering software, networking products, storage products, and wireless products to the market. They are mainly focusing on catering to the needs of the industrial markets and providing them with all the support and assistance needed with moving forward with new products. 

As of now, Tan Hock Eng is leading Broadcom Inc. He is working as the CEO and President of the company. Headquarters of Broadcom Inc. The company is located in San Jose, California. The popular brand, Broadcom is under Broadcom Inc. This name change took place when it was acquired in the month of January, back in the year 2016. 

History of Broadcom Inc.

Broadcom Inc. is a company that has a rich history. In fact, the company was founded back in the year 1961. During the initial days, the company was focusing more on the development of semiconductor products to the market. They were a division of HP. However, the division got separated from HP along with Agilent Technologies. 


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