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Cloud is the type of computing technology which is the priority of almost all largest technology companies even from Google to Microsoft. All these companies are investing in the cloud. Even we all use the cloud every single day to upload files, photos, and videos. We use it while logging in to Instagram or watching our favorite show on Netflix. But, most of us are unaware of the exact method of cloud use. In this article, I am going to tell you about the Box company that is using the cloud.


What is Box?

The box is the company of $1.7 billion worth and Friday is the day of trade of this company. This company offers easy strategies to customers for the use of the cloud. This is the storage company that helps to ease the uploading of documents, photos, and videos, etc. You can upload all data even from your smartphone, computer, laptop, and tablet, etc. In simple words, it is the floating hard drive that you can use from anywhere from the whole world. It remains connected to all your devices. It allows the customers to store approximately 10GB of the data but if you want more space you can pay $10 per month to get 100GB. This online collaboration service that opposed to the storage of files locally on your computer. You can have access to your box account by having a stable internet connection.


History of Box:

  • The box was developed as the college project by Aaron Levie in 2004 during his session at the University of Southern California.
  • After analyzing the success of his project he left school in 2005 to run this company. His childhood friend Dylan became the CFO of this company.
  • While during their journey, they made the first purchase of Increo Solutions for the collaboration of documents.
  • In 2012 Box manages to get the $125 million of funding in different ways.
  • In 2013, 8 more investors also participated in Box and they invested $100 million in funding.
  • This funding session continued even in 2014, Box managed to get $150 million from other investors.
  • While, in November 2014, Box got the two medical imaging software of $3.84 million worth.
  • In 2015, they also made many public offerings. They also got Airpost cloud service.
  • In 2016, they moved the employee to them headquarter.
  • They are moving towards the success day by day. According to Levie, the Box is prevailing all over the business industries and it will be specially designed for specific businesses. It will gain more profit to the companies and the continued IPO funding box will be able to invest in more sales and marketing offers. So, in simple words, Box has a bright future.


Key Features of Box:

  1. You can upload a maximum file size of 15 GB.
  2. It can store files of any type like mp4, Docx, SCORM, etc.
  3. You can share the files with other partners to edit and collaborate.
  4. You can have access to the data at anytime from anywhere.
  5. The selected folders are offered to work in the offline mood.
  6. It is best for businesses, students and personal use.
  7. It has a special offer of unlimited storage for the Tuft staff, students and faculty.
  8. It can help you to manage and share content.


 Challenges for Box:

The box is facing lots of challenges and competitors. There is a long list of companies that are offering a cloud-based storage option. You can get these services from many companies like Google, Amazon, Dropbox and many more. The main difference lies in the marketing targets of these companies. Every company is investing in a different target. There is almost a total of 275,000 companies that are using Box. All these are the large companies so; Box is the basic thing of interest for large businesses.


Pros of Box:

  • The speed of file upload and download is quite fast.
  • It is very easy to use and work with other tools effectively.
  • Box has easy integration with the software of daily use.
  • It has good storage capacity and other useful tools for every user.
  • Box allows working in collaboration with all teammates even from all over the world.
  • The workflow is very easy and smooth and easy to make updates of work regularly.
  • Secure and store the documents on Box.


Cons of Box:

  •  Box sync is limited and has limited functionality with the Desktop.
  •  The more functions are only available inside the Box platform and not available for third parties.
  •  The different users can create problems as there can be a mess of multiple duplicate files.


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