Bose Corporation – Company Overview

Bose Corporation is a company that is actively engaged in the process of manufacturing electronic products and distributing them. They are focusing more on audio products. They include headphones, radios, disk players, speakers, home theatre, and professional sound systems. These professional sound systems are designed for performance centers, hotels, auditoriums and stadiums. People in all parts of the world are experiencing the positive returns offered by Bose Corporation to the market.

The headquarters of Bose Corporation is located in Massachusetts, United States. The company was initially formed under Amar Bose back in the year 1964. Throughout history, you can find how Bose Corporation has come up with numerous innovative products to cater the needs of people and deliver them with impressive experiences.

The speakers and home audio systems offered by Bose Corporation are quite popular. They are capable of delivering noise cancelling headphones and speakers to the market as well. On the other hand, Bose Corporation is offering professional audio products, including automobile sound systems. You can also find how Bose Corporation has been able to maintain a strong reputation for remaining particularly protective to the brands, trademarks and patents. 

As of now, major shareholder of Bose Corporation is Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has been able to receive the shares of the company via nonvoting shares. More than 9,000 individuals are working for Bose Corporation as of now. The company is generating a revenue of around $4 billion as well.

History of Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation was founded back in the year 1964. It was started by Amar Bose in Massachusetts. The company was able to launch its business operations along with an angel investor funding. Amar was quite interested in speakers from his early days. He purchased a stereo system in the year 1956. However, it was not able to deliver the performance wanted by him. Therefore, the product ended up with a disaster. Therefore, he wanted to start a company on his own and deliver the best quality speakers to the market and cater the needs of people who were in need of them. In fact, he wanted to develop speaker systems, which are in a position to offer excellent quality results with replicating the sounds that can be found in a concert hall as well.

Back in the year 1966, the company was able to sell Bose 2201 headphones to the market. These headphones came along with a unique design. In fact, they had 22 different speakers embedded inside. Likewise, the company continued to introduce numerous other innovative products to the market and cater the needs of people. These products were extremely popular among people as well.

As of now, you can find Bose stores in many different parts of the world. The very first Bose store was launched in the year 1993. Moreover, the company was able to open many other stores in countries such as Australia, Japan and few other European countries. As of now, around 130 different stores of Bose are available out there in the world.

Products offered by Bose Corporation

  • Headphones 

You can find how Bose Corporation is offering numerous products that are related to audio technologies. Headphones can be considered as one of the most prominent products available out of them. They are offering in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and military and aviation models to the market. It is also possible to find how Bose Corporation has got into partnerships along with NASA and United States military as well. The specific products requested by them are manufactured within the production facilities owned by Bose Corporation.

  • Home audio and video systems 

Bose Corporation is offering home audio and video systems to the market as well. They include home audio systems, computer speakers, shelf stereos and portable audio products. Moreover, you can see how Bose Corporation is offering several televisions to the market as well. By the year 2012, Bose Corporation was one of the best-selling companies in terms of retail home theatre systems to the market. On the other hand, it is offering portable audio products to the market as well.

  • Automotive products

Bose Corporation was trying to sell aftermarket car speakers to the people in past. However, they were not able to receive the best possible results out of this initiative. As a result, the company started offering OEM audio installations to the market. Since them, you can find how Bose has partnered with numerous automobile manufacturers out there in the world and have provided them with high quality audio equipment. In addition to that, you will be able to see how they are bringing in innovation to what they are manufacturing and installing in the cars as well.

  • Commercial sound systems 

When discovering the products offered by Bose Corporation to the market, it is not possible to ignore the commercial sound systems that they launch. They were able to develop public addressing systems. The team was able to install them to the market as well. On the other hand, the division had around 60% of the annual revenue along with the production of commercial sound systems. The corporate clients were paying well for the development of these systems. Along with that, the company was able to become the official sound system provider to Olympics games as well. 

The Bose L1 product lineup offered by Bose Corporation to the market introduced a massive array of portable loudspeaker systems. These loudspeakers were designed and developed for the use of musicians. On the other hand, you can find how numerous variations were offered to this lineup as well. 

In general, Bose Corporation is a company that manufactures high end audio systems and products. The price tag of products offered by Bose Corporation to the market is relatively high. However, it is possible to find worthy returns from the products that they are launching to the market as well.

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