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Created by Jesper Noehr, Bitbucket is an important building, testing and deployment platform. The tool is written in Python and was released in the year 2008. One of the positives of this platform is its availability in different languages including Russian and French languages. Owned by the Atlassian, Bitbucket has different plans costing uniquely based on your needs. The good news is there is everything for everyone, including a free plan for five users. Below is a brief history about Bitbucket.


Bitbucket is available in many foreign languages including Chinese and even Hindi. But, getting where it is hasn’t been easy. It took effort and time with developers trying different things just to get it right. the commercial product was launched in 2008 and ranks 1263 on Alexa as I write this. Just like GitHub, the platform uses Git.

In 2010, just two years after its launch; Bitbucket was acquired by Atlassian. A strategic move that would see the platform remain competitive less than two decades after its formation. It is believed numbers never lie. Bitbucket reported an impressive number of developers on board, both as teams and as individuals.

February 2017 was a memorable year for Bitbucket. The platform was able to get about six million developers on board. In addition, there were one million teams using the tool. This is a feat that should be appreciate. A show that signifies the great strides Bitbucket is making on the market.

The success didn’t stop there. In fact, more developers were on boarded. The numbers had more than grew exponentially with twenty-eight million repositories recorded by April 2019. Well for the number of developers using this tool by then: Atlassian had announced ten million users. That was incredible! A clear show of how good this platform is.

Business Proposition

Today’s clients buy ideas. They demand value for money. Besides, the deal doesn’t end at closure. These clients come back in terms of more purchases or negative reviews. They go spreading word on how good or terrible you are. This means, your good service will reach others, but poor service will reach more people. Referrals are a great marketing tool and will only work for you if your business proposition, service delivery and customer satisfaction are in harmony.

Merging codes and reviewing them is an important function in a developer’s career. These great minds need a partner to facilitate the same. Bitbucket is that trusted partner. The commercial software also has an open source option courtesy of tools provided by Atlassian. This service is available for NGOs, NPOs, NCOs and NAOs.


The service you offer determines whether you will hit your targets or not. Most budget tight clients are out to cater for their needs while the money look for the best quality mostly without minding the price. They consider value rather than cost. What service does Bitbucket offer which makes it a great go to option for many developers? They include:

  • Merge checks
  • Smart monitoring
  • Issue tracking, among others

More offers from Bitbucket comprise of IP whitelisting, code search, add ons and integration, etc. There are more benefits to get from Bitbucket. To find out, the Bitbucket website can be of help.

Website Experience

A good website can be identified in several ways. One quality is responsiveness. The others include user and mobile friendliness. The Bitbucket website is– a white and blue themed site. The easy with the eyes colors lure your brain into wanting to stick to the site.

On the landing page, there is a “Get started for free” button that lets you experience Bitbucket functionalities without being charged anything. As a guest, you’d want to learn a few things before choosing to consume the services offered by the platform. You can take your lessons through scrolling down the site.

Available are different topics but related to Bitbucket and what it offers. Going through them, you’ll acquire a wealth of knowledge about the platform. After the lessons, be sure to get a fitting plan for yourself if you wish to proceed. It is rare to find a site that advices its visitors before selling to them its products. Bitbucket is one of the existing few.


Technology comes with a load of its own challenges. To overcome them may be a daunting task sometimes. But, you can bypass all that stress with the help of a competent support team. How good is the Bitbucket support team? 

Bitbucket has an efficient support team always ready to offer help to clients in need. One of the easiest way to reach out to this team is through their website. The support button is available on the site and offers ways you can contact the team or self-help. One guarantee you have is your issue will be resolved come what may.

When it comes to support, it is critical to understand there are many others with similar or different challenges. That means, once you submit your issue, it may take some time before you get a response. Other instances, your problem may be resolved instantly. To avoid frustrations, you may consult the community and seek to know how they solved their challenges without having to wait for Bitbucket’s support team. The options to explore are quite a number. Find out which one suits you and settle for that. It makes work easier both for you and the provider.


Bitbucket is chiefly used for code review. The python written tool has additional features that lets you pull requests with code review, documentation, do issue tracking and many other functions. The platform was acquired by Atlassian in 2010 and since then has been on the rise. Available in a variety of languages, Bitbucket has been in operation for less than two decades now but has achieved a massive level of success in its service- with staggering numbers of developers using the platform to show for it. Bitbucket has tailored plans for its users to settle for based on their needs.

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