Autodesk – Company Overview

Autodesk is a multinational software development company based in United States. It has been able to maintain a strong reputation by offering software services to the clients in need. Apart from the software services, Autodesk is offering construction, engineering, media, and manufacturing and education services as well. Wings of Autodesk can be found in the entertainment industry as well.

Headquarters of Autodesk is located in California. However, the company has offices located in different parts of the world. They include Oregon, New Hampshire, Michigan, Texas, and Colorado and even in Canada.

History of Autodesk

Autodesk Company was discovered back in the year 1982. It was John Walker who created the company. This company was formed along with the launch of revolutionary product called AutoCAD. It contributed heavily towards the popularity. This is the flagship computer aided design tool offered by Autodesk Company as of now. This software is widely being used by engineers and architectures around the world. Among the different CAD software available, Autodesk is the most popular and most effective tool available to consider. It can be used to design and model building structures in an effective manner. You can see how this software is being used in numerous fields. Even Tesla electric cars are being designed and manufactured based on AutoCAD. 

Products offered by Autodesk

Autodesk is a company that offers a variety of products. This variety in products has contributed heavily towards the overall success of the company.

  • Platforms 

When you are discussing about the products offered by Autodesk, you cannot simply ignore the platforms that are available. The company offers numerous platform solutions. In addition to the platform solutions, it is also possible to see how the company is offering product foundation solutions as well. Most of the solutions offered by this platform are quite popular across different markets.

The flagship product offered by Autodesk is AutoCAD. This is the best computer aided design software solution available out there to consider. It offers web services as well. For example, the AutoCAD web solution can provide assistance for the people to get their designs completed on the web. On the other hand, you can call it as a perfect example for a high end business software available out there to consider as well. 

  • Training and certifications 

Autodesk is offering a variety of training and certification as well. People who are looking for reliable and advanced certifications are encouraged to go ahead and obtain these. Then they will be able to get all the support needed to take their professional careers to the next level with ease.

Autodesk Certified User is one of the most prominent certifications offered under the company. It provides the entry skills that are needed by an individual to start using the products offered by Autodesk, including AutoCAD. This certification is quite popular among the engineers.

Another prominent certification offered by Autodesk is Advanced Certified Professional. It can provide a variety of advanced skills. This includes complex design and workflow challenges. This is specifically designed for the students who are looking forward to gain competitive advantage in a specific area.

  • Engineer, architecture and construction services 

Autodesk is offering engineering, architecture and construction services. It is located in Massachusetts. One of the most prominent features that you can find in this building is that it has been designed with the support obtained from AutoCAD software as well. The engineering, architecture and constructions solutions offered by Autodesk are quite popular among the professionals who are living out there in the world.

The division is currently engaged in the process of developing and managing software solutions for the construction industry. They include civil 3D works as well. On the other hand, the platform is offering marketplace solutions to the clients in an effective manner. The projects that this division has offered to the market have contributed towards numerous projects completed in the past.

  • Genetic engineering 

During the recent past, Autodesk got into genetic engineering technology as well. In here, the company is offering an extensible toolkit that is designed for genetic engineering. It provides visualizing DNA code. On the other hand, the company offers numerous genetic constructors as well. The tool can provide support in a molecular level. However, the project is currently now functioning. It was suspended in the year 2018.

  • Manufacturing 

The manufacturing business unit offered by Autodesk is one of the most prominent business units as well. Headquarters of this business unit is located in Portland. Manufacturing software offered by company is being used in a variety of manufacturing segments. On the other hand, it offers industrial machinery, including the electromagnetic tools as well. These products are futuristic. They are capable of catering heavily towards numerous industries that exist out there in the world as well. 

  • Media and entertainment 

The media and entertainment products offered by Autodesk are ideal digital media creation. Moreover, they are ideal for digital media management and digital media delivery as well. The applications of this arm range across a variety of business processes, which range from television and film visual effects. They include editing to animation, color grading, design visualization and even game development. 

  • Renderers 

Autodesk has developed specific purpose renderers to the market as well. These are specific purpose renders. They are bundled along with numerous third party renders as well. People who have requirements with related to rendering will be able to go ahead and use them. 

Apart from these products, you can find numerous discontinued products that are available under Autodesk as well. Lightscape is a perfect example for such a discontinued product. It offers a rendering package. This was developed by Cornell University. However, there was not much of a potential in the tool. 

Autodesk will continue to offer support for AutoCAD and the other tools offered in the long run. Hence, it will be able to retain the prominent position that it holds in the industry. 

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