Audio-Technica – Company Overview

Audio-Technica is a company based in Japan specializing in manufacturing professional headphones, microphones, and phonographic magnetic cartridges. Apart from these main products, you will also be able to find them offering numerous other audio equipment to the market. These products can cater to user demands effectively and help people get their requirements catered with ease.

Audio-Technica is offering four major products to the market. They include microphones, cartridges, turntables, and headphones. You can ensure receiving a quality experience with the help of them at all times. It is possible to use these products offered by Audio-Technica for personal and professional uses. No matter what, Audio-Technica will make sure that you are not getting a compromised experience at the end of the day. You will be provided with a high-quality experience at all times.

History of Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica is a company that was launched in the year 1962. The company was able to launch stereo cartridges in the initial days. They were manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the factories that were based in Japan.

The company was started to design, manufacture, distribute, and market the problem-solving audio equipment to the market. During the initial days, the company received lots of positive attention for the phonograph cartridges that we’re able to release to the market. On the other hand, the company focused on manufacturing high-performance wireless systems, headphones, microphones, and other electronic products. They were designed for both professional use and home use.

Throughout history, you can see how Audio-Technica has been able to win numerous awards as well. For example, the high-quality products manufactured by Audio-Technica to the market were awarded for their performance and durability. Due to the same reason, most of the experts started using these products for professional use. For example, numerous recording studios and broadcast studios are using them. Moreover, you can find them in live sound tours as well. Government and corporate facilities are heavily relying on what is available for them with Audio-Technica as well. The products are quite popular among the house of worship venues as well.

The company was initially established in Tokyo, Japan. It was Hideo Matsushita, who was the founder of this brand. The very first product was stereo cartridges. It didn’t take a long time period for the business to develop rapidly and expand the product lineup. As a result, the company was able to experience numerous benefits that come along with it in the long run. 

In the year 1986, Audio-Technica was able to get into the process of manufacturing RCA cables. These RCA cables were manufactured with the use of pure copper. On the other hand, continuous metal casting processes were used for them as well. During the same year, Audio-Technica was able to launch the very first PCOCC materials as well. Along with that, the company discovered a subsidiary company. It was based in Taiwan.

During the early 1990s, the audio engineers at Audio-Technica successfully introduced few large diaphragm condenser microphones to the market. They were used along with cardioid microphones in the year 1991. On the other hand, they were also able to introduce microphones based on vacuums as well.

During the year 2008, Audio-Technica got the opportunity to become the official supplier of microphones to the United States Presidential Elections Debates. Moreover, we can see how the company has started paying more attention to manufacturing consumer goods in the recent past. You can go through the available products and make sure that you are receiving the best level of support and assistance needed at all times.

Products offered by Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica is offering numerous audio technology-related products to the market as of now. These products are known for delivering the utmost performance and quality to the users. Here are the four most prominent products that Audio-Technica is offering to the market. 

  • Headphones 

You can also find how Audio-Technica is offering many different headphones to the market as well. They include Bluetooth headphones, gaming headphones, and noise-canceling headphones. In the recent past, Audio-Technica was able to launch in-ear wireless headphones to cater to the changing needs of people. 

The headbands offered by Audio-Technica are quite popular. Moreover, Audio-Technica is offering headphones, which people will be able to use for professional purposes. They include professional quality headsets and studio and DJ equipment as well. 

  • Turntables 

Turntables offered by Audio-Technica to the market are known for delivering the best quality standards to the people who are using them. You can find professional and manual turntables in the market. These turntables are capable of helping people to enhance their sound listening experience and taking them to the next level. You will be able to purchase them at affordable prices as well.

  • Cartridges

During the initial days, Audio-Technica started manufacturing cartridges. The company is currently engaged in the process of manufacturing cartridges for the market as well. These cartridges come along with moving magnets as well as moving coils. It is up to you to take a look at the collection offered by Audio-Technica and go ahead with purchasing the best ones that are available in the market as of now.

  • Microphones 

A large number of microphones are also being offered to the market by the experts at Audio-Technica. They include instrument microphones, handheld microphones, and studio microphones. Audio-Technica is one of the leading providers of network microphones to the market as well. Hanging and shotgun microphones are offered to the market as well. People are provided with the freedom to use them for both personal and professional purposes.

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