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Asus is multinational computer hardware, mobile phone hardware, and electronics component manufacturer based in Taiwan. The headquarters of Asus is located in Taipei. This is one of the most reputed and trusted brands that you can find out there in the world. Asus offers numerous products to the market, including monitors, networking equipment, mobile phones, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, peripherals, optical storage drives, graphic cards, motherboards, and server workstations. All these products made available under the brand are associated with a high level of reliability. That’s the main reason why people decide to go ahead and purchase what is being offered by Asus.

It is possible to tell that Asus is one of the leading gaming device manufacturers in the market. In addition to that, Asus is manufacturing the best quality computer motherboards to the market. Moreover, it has been able to secure a position among the top three computer notebook manufacturers out there in the world as well.

As you can see, Asus is a brand that has maintained a solid position in the industry by offering many different types of products to the market. The products manufactured under the Asus brand include laptops, desktop computers, netbooks, monitors, networking equipment, mobile phones, projectors, Wi-Fi routers, multimedia products, optical storage devices, graphics cards, motherboards, servers, and wearable devices. edYou have the freedom to go through these products and invest your money to purchase the best products out of them accordingly.

One of the most exciting facts about Asus is that it is the fifth-largest PC vendor out there in the world in terms of sales. Moreover, it is among the best 10 IT companies that are established in Asia as of now. You can find a primary listing of Asus at the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Moreover, a secondary listing of Asus can be found on London Stock Exchange.

History of Asus

Asus was founded back in the year 1989. The company has its roots in Taipei. It was four founders named M. T. Liao, Wayne Heish, Ted Hsu, and T.H. Tung who decided to initiate the company. All these four have been working as hardware engineers for Acer back in the day. Hence, they had a solid background to launch the business operations of Asus and take it to the next level with ease. 

Since its inception, the company has wanted to become a leader in supplying computer hardware products to the market. To achieve the target, the company has been spending lots of money researching and developing innovative products. This is where Asus went ahead and established some strategic partnerships with some of the leading brands in the market. For example, Asus got into a partnership with Intel, and they were able to receive the engineering samples ahead of competitors. Hence, Asus could come up with innovative and impressive products in the market.

The very first PhyX accelerator card was launched to the market by Asus back in the year 2005. In the same year, Asus got into manufacturing LCD televisions as well. In the following year, Asus got into a partnership with Lamborghini. This is where they were able to develop the VX Laptop series. 

Garmin and Asus were manufacturing smartphones to the market via a strategic partnership that they had. However, they ended the smartphone lineup back in the year 2010. That’s because Garmin came up with the decision to stop the manufacturing of smartphones. 

Operations of Asus

The headquarters of Asus is located in Taipei. However, you can find manufacturing facilities of Asus around different countries in the world as well. For example, the manufacturing facilities of Asus can now be seen in numerous cities around Taiwan. They have manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and Mexico as well.

The Hi-Tech park of Asus spans across an area of more than 540,000 square meters. This is one of the most extensive manufacturing facilities that you will be able to discover. On the other hand, Asus operates in more than 50 different service sites, which are located across 32different countries as well. They have more than 400 various service partners from other countries out there in the world.

Products offered by Asus

There are numerous products offered by Asus to the market. Most of these are consumer electronics. The reliability of these consumer electronics has contributed heavily towards the brand’s success that you can find around the world as well. Here are the most prominent products that the Asus brand is offering to the market as of now.

  • Asus Smartphones 

Asus launched a variety of Android-based smartphones to the market. Some of the models are currently available for purchase as well. These smartphones came along with Intel processors. That’s because of the strategic partnerships that the Asus brand had ahead with Intel. On the other hand, Asus smartphones were available for purchase at an affordable price tag. Due to the same reason, these smartphones are prevalent in China, India, and numerous other Asian countries. 

The Asus ZenFone series is well known. People looking forward to purchasing feature-rich mobile phones at an affordable price tag tend to spend their money and buy what Asus offers. As of now, Asus has provided phablets to the market as well.

  • Two in one computer

Four different two-in-one computers are offered to the market by the Asus brand. Out of these two in one computer, the Asus Transformer Book is the most popular. People looking for enhanced convenience associated with a two in one computer tend to go ahead and purchase it. On the other hand, the Asus Chromebook Flip, Asus Zenbook Flip, and Asus Vivobook flip are pretty popular among people. 

  • Laptops 

The Asus laptops are well-known for their durability and performance. Individuals who wish to receive the highest level of durability from a computer tend to go ahead with this brand. You will be able to find gaming laptops offered to the market under the Asus brand as well. These gaming laptops are available under the Republic of Gamers lineup. The powerful gaming laptops can be used to play any PC game available out there.

  • Tablets 

Asus is offering two different generations of tablets. The Nexus 7 tablet was one of the most prominent products that the brand could manufacture. Asus manufactured this tablet for the Google brand. It was launched back in the year 2012 and has been popular throughout. 

The Asus EEE Pad Transformer tablets are pretty popular as well. They can deliver a high level of performance to the users.

  • Asus Servers 

Asus is offering numerous server options to the market. They include both rack servers as well as tower servers. On the other hand, Asus offers one-way rack servers and two-way rack servers, along with one-way tower servers and two-way tower servers. People are provided with the opportunity to go through these options and buy the best server out of them. 

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