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Founded in 2002, ASRock is a motherboard, PCs and home theatre manufacturer. The organization has its headquarters based in Taipei, Taiwan with more than three hundred employees working. With ASUS and Pegatron the mother companies, ASRock has two subsidiaries including; Asiarock Tech Ltd and ASRock America, Inc. This public company operates in the computer hardware industry. ASRock is currently worth USD 1.15 Billion. The organization has an online presence too. The website is Led by Ted Hsu as the group’s chairman, Sterling Wu calls the shots as a General Manager as LL Shiu operates as the Chief Operations Officer (COO). Below is a little history about the organization.


ASRock’s rise to the third largest motherboard producer in the world has been a fairy tale. The organization through different partnerships and collaborations has gradually and steadily risen to the top since its birth from Asus almost two decades ago. The decision to form this specialization unit was made to make the organization more competitive in the Do It Yourself (DIY) industry.

In 2007, the organization did a successful Initial Public Offer (IPO). Its listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange was a major boost as the company joined the best. ASRock formed a partnership with Pegatron in 2010, this is three years after the latter’s formation having spun off ASUSTek Computer. This was another strategic decision to strengthen both organizations.

2013 was also a special year in ASRock’s history. After receiving massive orders from leading organizations, the company graduated into a server motherboard affiliate. With this came partnerships that played a major role in the company’s growth.


Below are the products manufactured by ASRock. They include:

  • Motherboards
  • Industrial PCs
  • Home Theatre PCs (HTPC)
  • Server

The sales have been so massive. In 2013, the company recorded a revenue of US$329.5 Million. By 2019, the revenue had risen to US$443.16 Million according to This amount is expected to rise with the company growing steadily in client base.

Target Market

The ASRock targets the high-end market with its products. it also has products with advanced features for tech enthusiasts. Going through the product descriptions of ASRock’s products, there’s nothing but class. The products ooze quality to say the least. They are developed with uniqueness and a purpose. The latest developments offer support and compliments to previous releases. This strategy has seen the company confidently dive into newer markets and establish itself with ease.

ASRock has branches in world’s leading economies like China and USA. In addition to the 90 distributors it has worldwide, the company has branches in Europe too. The company’s production of quality products, strategic partnerships with other leading producers and individuals and release of the latest technologies has given it a competitive advantage over others.

To achieve this, the organization needs a competent organizational structure. Below is the structure.

ASRock’s Organizational Structure

Figure Above is a figure representing ASRock’s organizational structure from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to the junior most level.

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ASRock uses a matrix organizational structure. This is a mix of both functional & divisional structures. This structure is used by most powerhouse companies including ASRock for a reason. The benefits include increased autonomy. This allows employees to be creative as long as they operate within the organizational policies. It is a motivational factor as well as an opportunity to produce better.

Other benefits include decentralization of decision making which means better decision making. Productivity and innovation is also encouraged with this type of organizational structure. This structure is partly to be credited for the success of ASRock. Without a proper structure in place, you should not expect your organization to succeed. ASRock has succeeded in putting into place a successful organizational structure.

ASRock’s Drive

Behind every organization is a driving factor. Direction and goals are important ingredients that contribute into an organization’s success. Imagine working without objectives. It can be catastrophic. Below are some of the important details about ASRock’s objectivity.

The organization’s mission is to reduce mistakes in data particularly for the server business and data centers. The organization believes in infinite potential. This means there’s no limit to what anyone can achieve. With that in mind, their employees work hard to ensure they deliver results. 

Website Experience

Everything is moving online right now. A big organization like ASRock requires a strong online presence to reach to a wider market. And yes, they do have one. With, you can gain access to any detail about ASRock.

So, how does their website look and feel like? First of all, I would prefer an easy to navigate website. Besides, a site that loads faster thrills me. is appealing and easy to navigate. The site has a black background with texts in grey. These colors signify simplicity. top right of the page is a menu with three small parallel bars which when clicked gives you options to open.

Products, campaigns, news, support and where to buy are the options on the bar. This means, you can make a purchase through their portal. Most of these options on the menu are also available at the bottom of the page. Additional features appearing at the bottom of the page include the “About” section, Community and the legal information tied to the page.

The About section is all about the organization’s information, their contacts and statements. The Community constitutes the company’s social media handles including Facebook and Youtube. These channels link you to other clients you may wish to interact with.

In general, the website is user friendly and fast to open when you click a button.


ASRock is a leading manufacturer of motherboards and IPCs. The Taiwan based organization is leading in innovations and produces highly competitive products. To be more competitive, the organization has signed partnership deals and collaborations. As time goes by, the Ted Hsu led organization continues to widen it client base and exploit new horizons. Currently ranked third in the world in their field of expertise, only time will tell whether they will rise to the top.

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