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Apple Inc, which was previously called Apple Computer, can be considered a multinational corporation, which is engaged in manufacturing personal computers, consumer electronics, and computer software. It is also possible for you to call Apple a digital media content distributor. The Apple company is well known for its retail stores, located around the world as Apple Stores. 

When you look at the lineup of products, you will come across a variety of options. They include the iPad tablet, iPhone smartphone, Macintosh computer line, iPad portable media players, and many more. 

History of Apple

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak back in the year 1976. They incorporated the company in the following year. In the early days, Apple was focusing more on the production of personal computers. In fact, it was well-known as a PC manufacturer back in the day. They delivered some of the best personal computers into the market, including the Macintosh, Apple II, and Power Mac lines. Apple company is based in California. 

Apple Inc. has gone through a variety of ups and downs throughout history. In fact, we can even see how Steve Jobs was ruled out of the company at a specific point in time. However, Apple was able to regain its market share along with the comeback of Steve Jobs. 

Worldwide revenue of Apple

Apple is one of the largest technology companies that exist out there in the world. They have been able to ensure massive success with the products and services they have released to the market. As per the statistics of year 201 8, Apple has earned a total revenue of $265 billion. This helped Apple to become one of the biggest technological companies in the world as well. 

Products and services offered by Apple

It is worthy of taking a look at the products and services offered by Apple. That’s because these products and services have contributed immensely towards the overall success of the company. As mentioned earlier, Apple started as a company that offers personal computers. However, Apple was able to introduce some revolutionary products to the market throughout the past few decades. They helped the company to bag success in a convenient manner. 

Below mentioned are some of the most prominent products that Apple released to the market to ensure success. 

  • Mac 

Mac is the oldest product that is made available through the Apple brand. This defines the lineup of personal computers that Apple is offering to the market. As of now, you will be able to discover a variety of Mac products available in the market. They include MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Mini, and iMac. The biggest difference that you can find in Mac personal computers is that they are powered up with the Mac OS operating system.

  • iPhone 

iPhone is the most revolutionary product that Apple has launched in the past. It contributed immensely towards the overall popularity of the brand in history. Every single year, a new iPhone is released to the market by Apple. The Apple iPhones were able to revolutionize the way how people use their mobile devices. They are some of the top-selling products available in the market as of now as well. 

  • iPad 

Along with the success of iPhones, Apple wanted to release a bigger version of it. In other words, they wanted to release a tablet version. That’s how the iPad came into play. As of now, iPads are extremely popular among artists as well as business professionals. It is one of the best productivity-boosting devices that Apple has been able to release to the market.

  • Apple watch series 

Along with the increasing popularity of smartwatches, Apple also wanted to develop its own smartwatch lineup. That’s how the Apple smartwatch series was created. We have been able to see many different generations of Apple smartwatches as well. In addition to that, Apple smartwatches can help people achieve their health and fitness goals. They are also in a position to deliver a boost in productivity to the people. 

  • Apple Smart TV 

Apple is not offering hardware devices. The company offers a variety of digital services as well. Apple Smart TV is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact. With the help of Apple Smart TV, the company is offering high-quality video streaming services to people in need. 

  • Apple Music 

Apple was able to revolutionize the way how people listen to music with their iPods. To take the functionality offered by iPods to the next level, Apple came up with Apple Music. You will be able to find a massive music marketplace offered by Apple. You can go through this music marketplace and get your hands on a variety of songs. 

What drives the innovation and marketing strategy of Apple? 

Apple is one of the most innovative companies or brands that exist out there. In fact, Steve Jobs was the person who could bring innovation to Apple. Since then, Apple has been offering a variety of innovative products to interested people. One of the best things that you can find in Apple products is that they promptly cater to people’s needs. Whenever there is a need for a specific product in the market, Apple releases it. 

On the other hand, Apple is continuously listening to its customers as well. Customers are provided with various avenues to get in touch with Apple and express what they expect. Then Apple consolidates all public opinions and comes up with the best quality products to the people at the end of the day.

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