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Established in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez, frank Azor and Alex Aguila, Alienware is a computer hardware company. The outfit is a subsidiary of Dell and is based in America. The last time I checked Alienware had more than 500 employees. This team is led by Michael Dell as CEO and Frank Azor as the general manager. With such a strong team and leadership, Alienware’s mission is to empower the customer to create, work and play faster by innovating and building the most powerful computers in the world as stated on their website


There is an interesting story behind the naming of this subsidiary. Apparently, the founders were lovers of science fiction movies, specifically The X-Files. This passion inspired their choice of name and they settled for Alienware. This was around 1996 when the company was being formed.

After the formation the location for the headquarters was decided to be The Hammocks, Miami, Florida. In 2002, acquisition talks started and the deal was closed in 2006. The deal was to see Alienware retain the design and marketing functions while Dell would handle the most of the rest. The brand was to benefit from Dell’s financial muscles and dominance in the market.

In 2008, there were major changes made which saw Alienware become Dell’s gaming brand. These changes streamlined things and got rid of the internal friction going on thanks to different production units manufacturing similar products. In 2009 another strategic decision was made with the introduction of the M17x system. It is after this introduction that the organization expanded its activities to 35 countries from the initial 6. Since then, Alienware has enjoyed stability and growth.


Alienware is a subsidiary to Dell. The manufacturing company has a call center in Costa Rica and its headquarters in Miami. In addition, it has additional facilities spread in different locations of the world including Australia and Ireland. These facilities oversee both management and operations.

The current structure is convenient and highly effective. It is for that reason that the organization continues to grow and widen its operations. You can purchase their products both online and at designated facilities including retail stores.

At the top of the management is the CEO and a board of directors. Below is a general manager and other management staff who give the organization direction as well as strategize on growth.



Alienware has four major categories of products. They include:

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Gaming gears
  • Virtual reality gears

Under each category is a list of specific products. For instance, under the laptop category there are devices like the Alienware M15 R1, M15. M17 R1, Area-51m. All these different laptop categories have different specifications. Their prices also differ, as well as performance and durability. One thing that stands out is quality.

When it comes to desktops, there are different types including the Alienware Aurora R8. Gaming gears too come in different types, size and purpose. Alienware produces gaming headsets, keyboards, mice and monitors among other gaming gears. Also available are virtual reality devices for games and other purposes. Alienware also offers rewards for products bought on their online portal.

Target Market

Gaming enthusiasts are the main targets for this manufacturer. Working under the Dell brand, the subsidiary benefits from the mother company’s name. Based in the U.S., Alienware enjoys providing for the American market and other countries from other parts of the world.

Website Experience

The company’s site is Top left of the site is Alienware’s trademark logo. On the right side of the site’s top is a shopping basket. This button allows you to collect several orders for later purchase or sharing. Next to the shopping basket on the right is a menu bar. This bar lets you access products, deals, support and the Alienware arena.

Upon clicking the products button you will access the four main categories of products sold by Alienware. Opening each category will lead you to specific products and their details. On the deals section, you will get more information about gift cards, trade in options, military discounts, Dell rewards and the company’s financing.

With the current trends, companies need a strong online presence to be more competitive. Alienware ranks well in terms of online presence. The marketing and web design team is doing a great job.

Available on the Alienware website is their phone contact. Through that line you can reach out directly to them and express your concerns. Other than just purchases, this site allows you to get more details about the organization.

At no point will an organization stop needing money. Funds are a scare resource and companies will do anything to keep attracting more through sale of their products or equity through investors or equity firms. You can therefore learn more about how you can get involved with this company.

Legality is also a critical matter. At the bottom of the page is a display of the rights reserved by the company regarding the site. It would be wise to just scheme through.


You need to reassure your clients you are trustworthy. One way to maintain this trust is through quality products. Not only that, additional provisions like warranty and money back guarantees asserts your clients of your willingness to act in case anything goes bad with your products. Alienware reassures its clients through warranties and availability of support. You can reach out to the support team by calling the number available on their site or click the Support button.


Finding a manufacturer that considers its clients’ specific needs is hard. Most organizations do production for the sake of profits. Alienware continues to meet its clients’ needs by manufacturing products the way their clients need. They also have a support to ensure its clients are sorted in case of any issue. The website is mobile and user friendly allowing easy navigation. In terms of history, there is so much good to learn about this organization. Their structure is also well done allowing the staff and management work in harmony.

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