AKG – Company Overview

AKG is a cinema equipment and acoustic equipment manufacturing company based in United States. The company was founded back in the year 1947. It was Dr. Rudolf Gorike, who played a major role behind what AKG was able to launch to the market. As of now, AKG is functioning as a subsidiary to the Harman International Industries. It is a division of Samsung Electronics as well.

All the products manufactured by the company as of now are promoted under the AKG brand as well. They include headphones, microphones, and wireless audio systems. In addition to that, it is possible to find related accessories offered by AKG, which are designed for consumer markets and professionals. 

History of AKG

Even though AKG is currently based in United States, the company was not initially found in United States. The company was established in Vienna, Austria back in the year 1947. Two different individuals from Vienna, including Ernst Pless and Dr. Rudolf Gorike went ahead and laid the foundation stone for the development of AKG. 

The primary business of AKG is to manufacture technical equipment for cinemas. In here, they focused mainly on the manufacturing of loudspeakers to the cinemas. In addition to loudspeakers, the brand manufactured light meters and projectors as well. In the meantime, the company was able to expand at a slow pace. That’s where they started manufacturing door intercoms, car horns, capsules for telephones, cushion speakers and headsets. The very first microphone manufactured by AKG was used by cabarets, jazz clubs, theatres and radio stations out there in the world. 

During this time period, AKG was able to develop the very first patent of it as well. It was around the moving coil technology. Along with that, the company was able to manufacture products, which were touching extended frequency ranges in an effective manner.

Along with the creation of D12 microphones in the year 1953, AKG was able to achieve international recognition. Along with that, they were able to set up standards for voice transmissions as well. This was the very first dynamic cardroid microphone that was launched to the market as well. It was having some excellent sonic qualities. Therefore, it was possible for the radio stations as well as recording studios out there in the world to capture high quality sounds with ease. Along with time, AKG kept on increasing the quality of the products manufactured by them. As a result, they were able to span the popular C12 and C414 microphones to the market as well.

In the year 1984, AKG was able to become a public company. It was listed within Vienna Stock exchange. In fact, AKG was listed as a Blue chip company. After several years, the company was purchased by Harman International Industries in United States. This transaction took place in the year 1994. 

Products offered by AKG

Following are the products offered by AKG to the market. When you are going through the list of products that the company is offering, you will be able to get a clear understanding about the quality standards that the brand is maintaining throughout as well. 

  • Microphones 

Microphones are among the top products manufactured by AKG. Out of them, the C12 microphones are the most popular. You will be able to find numerous improved versions of this microphone available in the market. The best thing about these microphones is that they are equipped with a large scale CK12 diaphragm capsule. Hence, you can receive an effective operational experience at the time of using the microphones.

AKG was one of the main companies to come up with using transducer technology for the production of microphones. Moreover, it was also the very first company to deliver constant frequency responses and sensitivity to the different polar patterns.

You can find how AKG microphones are being used for shooting purposes of numerous movies. The quality standards of AKG microphones support the standards that are expected by movie producers out there in the world.  Therefore, people are provided with the opportunity to keep the peace of mind and invest their money in buying what is offered by AKG. 

  • Headphones 

You can also find how AKG is engaged with the process of manufacturing the best quality headphones to the market. In fact, the company has been innovating with the manufacturing of headphones throughout the past. AKG was able to manufacture the very first supra aural headphone to the market in the year 1959. AKG K1000 was the flagship headphone model that they could launch to the market. However, this headphone is no longer being manufactured.

The AKG K702 microphone is quite popular among the products offered by AKG as well. That’s because it comes along with a cord that you can remove. This microphone is widely being used by the professional artists who live out there in the world. Inside numerous top quality recording studios, it is possible to find the products offered by AKG.

Apart from studio headphones, AKG is a company that manufactures earphones and Hi-Fi headphones as well. Therefore, people who are looking to buy products for domestic use will be able to purchase them. Some of the leading tech companies have partnered with the manufacturing of these products as well. They include the headphones that come along with latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. 

The on ear headphones offered by AKG are known for their outstanding quality standards. Back in the year 2017, the AKG Y50 on ear headphone model was able to win an award as product of the year.

AKG will continue to innovate the products and the brand will keep on manufacturing new products along with time. Hence, we will be able to find how AKG is playing a major role within the industry as well. This can contribute heavily towards the success of what is offered by AKG to the market in the long run.

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