Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – Company Overview

AMD is a leading multinational company out there in the world, which focuses on the development of semiconductors. Company is based in Santa Clara County in California. You can find how this company is mainly focusing on the development of computer microprocessors to the market. In addition to that, AMD is offering numerous other related technologies. These technologies are being used by both consumer markets as well as business markets. 

Manufacturing activities of AMD were outsourced to a third party service provider back in the year 2009. However, you will still be able to find how they are playing a dominating role in the manufacturing and release of numerous advanced hardware components to the market. They include motherboard chipsets, microprocessors, and embedded processors. Personal computers, workstations, and embedded system applications. 

History of AMD

AMD was founded in the year 1968. It was Jerry Sanders, who is the founder of AMD. He got the assistance of seven colleagues to start the business venture. In fact, all of them worked for Fairchild Semiconductor, before starting this new business venture. The experience that they could gain contributed a lot towards the positive impact that they could create by launching AMD. 

Most of the executives who worked at Fairchild were frustrated at that time. That’s because the company was not providing enough support and opportunities for the employees. Moreover, the employees had to go through a difficult situation when they were trying to be flexible as well. Due to the same reason, it was possible to see how numerous employees left Fairchild. This created an ideal environment for AMD to start the business operations. That’s because they were able to contribute heavily towards the initial foundation of AMD. 

Along with the professional expertise, it didn’t take a long time period for AMD to get established as a business entity. Due to the same reason, it was possible to see how AMD moved from the temporary location to a new location in Santa Clara. That’s because they wanted to secure a massive customer base. Along with that, AMD was able to become the second source supplier of the microchips that were designed through Fairchild. 

During the initial days, AMD was focusing more on the development of logic chips. That’s because the team behind AMD noticed that there is a high potential for them to develop logic chips and capture the market. Their assumptions were correct and they were able to secure a decent market share within a short time period as well. 

In the year 1971, it is possible to see how AMD ventured into the process of manufacturing RAM chips. There were no major competitors for them at that time. As a result, AMD could experience a boost in sales. Moreover, the innovative technology used by the company along with the assistance of linear integrated circuits also contributed a lot towards the success of AMD. This eventually contributed towards the massive increase of total annual sales made by the company as well. 

AMD has been functioning as the main rival company of Intel throughout the past. However, it is also possible for you to see how AMD ventured into numerous partnerships in the history to exchange technology. These partnerships contributed a lot towards the success of products offered under AMD by the brand as well.

Products offered by AMD

Here are the most prominent products that are offered by AMD brand to the market. When you are going through the list of products, you will come across numerous familiar products as well. That’s mainly because AMD has been a successful brand in history and they have a decent collection of products to cater the needs of people who are in need of them. 

  • CPU and APU 

Back in the year 1982, AMD went ahead and signed a contract along with Intel to become a microprocessor manufacturer. Since then, we have seen how the manufacturer has come up with some excellent quality microprocessors to the market. These microprocessors are currently popular among people. In fact, people who are looking to buy a low cost alternative to the expensive microprocessors that come under competitor brands such as Intel tend to go ahead with microprocessors that are offered under the AMD brand. 

  • AMD APU 

The AMD APU series was started manufacturing upon the acquisition of ATI Technologies, which is a graphics company based in Canada. You can find how this company was launched as an initiative code named as Fusion. Along with that, it was possible for GPU and CPU of AMD microprocessors to launch them effectively as well. 

  • Graphics cards

AMD is one of the most popular graphics card manufacturers that you can find out there in the world as well. In fact, the AMD graphics cards are extremely popular among gamers and people who are into many other gaming activities. 

You can find how the brand has been focusing on the manufacturing of graphics cards from the past. In fact, they have been experimenting on the development of a 2D accelerator and a 3D accelerator from the market. Along with that, they were able to launch Direct X and take the graphics processing capabilities to the next level. 

The initial graphics cards offered by AMD came along with TV Tuner cards. However, things have changed significantly throughout the recent past. Now you will be able to find AMD engaged in the process of manufacturing graphics cards with the assistance of advanced micro devices. The company is going strong with their graphics card manufacturing capabilities. 

  • Custom game console products

Back in the year 2012, AMD ventured into the manufacturing of custom game console products as well. You can find how the company is currently engaged with the process of offering them to the market. You have the freedom to go ahead and get your hands on such game console products available for purchase as well.

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