ADATA – Company Overview

ADATA is a company that focuses on offering the best quality storage and memory solutions to the market. In fact, ADATA is a brand that heavily supports enriching the digital lives that people who live out there in the world are spending. It is a dedicated company, which focuses heavily on innovation. Therefore, ADATA has been able to establish itself as a prominent brand among other competitors in the market as well.

ADATA is a Taiwan-based company. The company started its business operations as a storage and memory device manufacturer. It is still the core business of the company as well. When you take a look at the main product line of ADATA, you will be able to see solid-state drives, hard disk drives, USB flash drives, DRAM modules, mobile accessories, and memory cards are available. In the meantime, it is important to note that ADATA is expanding to numerous other areas over time. Two of the most prominent areas that the company is focusing on include the development of electric powertrain systems and robotics. In other words, the company is focusing more on innovation as of now. It will provide a great environment for the company to achieve better heights by offering proper products and services to the market. 

When you look at the statistics obtained from the year 2017, you will notice that ADATA is the second biggest DRAM manufacturer out there in the world. It had an overall market capitalization of $680 million. On the other hand, ADATA has expanded its business operations to America and Europe as well. In addition to that, the company is giving tough competition to Samsung to acquire the market in Asia.

History of ADATA

ADATA is a relatively new company. The company started its business operations in the year 2001. From its inception, the company wanted to offer the best quality memory solutions and cater to the beneficiary of digital lives that people are spending as of now. On the other hand, the professionalism and integrity shown by ADATA have helped it become one of the leading brands in memory devices. It has helped the brand to win numerous product designs as well.

You can find how ADATA is currently equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. In addition to that, the brand is backed up with superior technical expertise as well. On top of everything, the company is delivering superior customer service to everyone. Therefore, people who purchase the products offered by ADATA don’t end up with any disappointments. They are delighted with what ADATA is offering to them. 

At the beginning of the company back in the year 2001, ADATA had just 20 employees. But when you take a look at the company now, you can find how thousands of employees are working from numerous parts of the world. The company experienced exponential growth within a short period of time. Throughout history, you can also see how ADATA has shown professionalism. Therefore, you can see how the company has been able to distinguish itself from the competition. 

Simon Chen has been the leader of ADATA since its inception. He has been careful enough to develop the best leadership team and get their support to ensure the proper development of the company in the long run. Therefore, it is possible to see how the company is currently thriving with generating global sales. Even with success, the company pays special attention to ensuring innovation, harmony, honesty, and integrity. This clearly shows how the ADATA brand has got the potential to go on a long journey in the future.

Products offered by ADATA

It is possible to find numerous product lineups offered by ADATA as of now. Out of them, you can find how a large number of products are oriented towards consumers. The DRAM modules are one of the best. ADATA is offering DRAM modules for notebook computers as well as desktop computers. In addition to that, you can also see how ADATA is offering solid-state drives to the market.

The external storage devices that come under the ADATA brand are known for their durability. People purchase them to use them for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is possible to find power banks, memory card readers, micro USB devices, Lightning cables, and USB chargers. ADATA recently started offering media adapters to the market.

The gaming lineup of ADATA has received decent attention in the past as well. You can find how this lineup is dominated by memory cards and solid-state drives. They can deliver exceptional performance, which all the gamers are looking forward to receiving at all times. In addition to that, the external storage devices offered by ADATA are quite popular as well. On top of everything, ADATA is offering gaming accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mouse, and mouse pads.

ADATA is not just offering products to the consumer market. The company has expanded its product lines to cater to the needs of industrial users as well. The flash storage devices and solid-state drives offered by ADATA are widely being used for industrial applications. Moreover, you can find how DRAM modules and UFD, card, and embedded devices are offered by ADATA as well.

When discussing ADATA¸, most people assume that it focuses on memory drives and other related products. However, ADATA has a dominating role in lighting products as well. ADATA is offering both home lighting and industrial lighting products. In addition to that, you can find smart lighting solutions offered by ADATA as well. People are provided with the chance to purchase these products while keeping peace of mind at all times. That’s because they are known for delivering the best quality standards at all times. You don’t have anything to lose by purchasing them.

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