Acer Inc. – Company Overview

Acer Inc. is a leading multinational electronics and hardware company, which is based in Taiwan. The company specializes in manufacturing products with the utilization of advance electronic technologies. Headquarters of Acer Inc. is located in the New Taipei City. 

Acer Inc. is another innovative brand that is offering numerous products to the market. Some of the most innovative products that are released to the market under this brand include laptop computers, desktop computers, two in one computers, servers, tablets, virtual reality devices, peripherals and smartphones. Moreover, Acer Inc. is offering displays to the market as well.

One of the recent operations that Acer Inc. started was the sale of gaming computers and gaming accessories to the market. The company came up with a new brand called Predator to offer these products to the market. Back in the early 2000s, it was possible for the brand to go ahead and develop a new business model, where they shifted from being a designer to a distributor and marketer of products. Along with that, they were able to ensure the production of processes via numerous contract manufacturers as well. 

When you take a look at the statistics from 2015, you will notice that Acer Inc. is the sixth biggest vendor for personal computers out there in the world. Even though diversification has struck Acer Inc., the company still focuses heavily on the manufacturing of IT business products and releasing them to the market, whereas people who are interested in purchasing them can go ahead with the decision. In the meantime, it is important to notice that the cloud services platform of Acer Inc. is gaining a lot of popularity as well. Moreover, the company is engaged with the process of manufacturing wearable devices and smartphones to the market. Moreover, numerous value added IoT applications are offered to the market under Acer Inc. brand as well. 

History of Acer Inc.

It was Stan Shih, who was the founder of Acer Inc. brand. He worked along with his wife and few other engineers to launch the brand. The company was launched in the year 1976. Birthplace of Acer Inc. is Hsinchu City, which is based in Taiwan.

The company was started along with just 11 employees. Moreover, they had a capital of around $25,000 during the inception. It was not enough for the company to start manufacturing their own products. As a result, the company worked as a distributor for electronics parts. Moreover, the company was offering consulting services for microprocessor technologies as well.

One of the best products that Acer Inc. could manufacture in the past is Micro Professor MPF I training kit. Along with that, Acer Inc. was able to manufacture a clone of Apple II as well. Then the Micro Professor II and Micro Professor III were launched to the market. It was giving a tough competition to the products that were offered to the market under the IBM brand. Name of the company was officially changed to Acer Inc. in the year 1987. 

Year 1998 was a significant year for everyone at Acer Inc. That’s where the company as reorganized into five different groups. These five groups include Acer Inc. Peripherals Group, Acer Inc. Information Products group, Acer Inc. Semiconductor Group, Acer Inc. Sertek Service Group and Acer Inc. International Service Group. Main reason behind the formation of these groups is because the company wanted to diversify products that they are offering to the market. They didn’t want to remain as just another computer manufacturer. They wanted to enhance the product lineup. In order to do that with ease and capture the market, company was divided into five different categories. 

BenQ and Wistron were under Acer Inc. until the year 2001. However, they went ahead and removed those manufacturing units. This took place with the intention of paying more attention towards what they were good at doing. Upon doing this, it was possible to see how Acer was able to increase the total number of worldwide sales. This reduced the labor force as well. Moreover, the company was able to earn a massive revenue of almost $5 billion by the year 2006.

Products and services offered by Acer Inc.

You can find numerous products offered by Acer Inc. to the market as of now. Here are the most prominent products that you can find in the market as of now. These products are quite popular among consumers who are from many different parts of the world as well.

  • Acer Aspire

Acer Aspire laptops are one of the most popular laptop product lineups in the market. You can find how people in all parts of the world are using the Acer Aspire Laptops. These laptops are well-known for their ability to offer higher specifications for an affordable price tag. However, Acer Inc. is not compromising the quality of the laptop computers just because they want to offer them to the market at a lower price tag. Instead, it is possible to find how the brand is coming up with innovative methods to offer the products to the market while keeping the overall expenses low as much as possible.

  • Acer Predator 

Acer Predator is the gaming lineup that is offered under the brand. It is possible to find a large number of gaming peripherals offered to the market under the Acer Predator lineup. These gaming products are known to take the performance of gamers to a whole new level. Moreover, it is also possible to see how numerous gamers from different parts of the world trust the Acer Predator gaming peripherals and spend their money to purchase what is available in the market.

  • Acer Travel Mate 

Acer Travel Mate is the portable notebook series offered by the brand. All the laptops that come under this series are light in weight. Hence, they are extremely popular among the business travelers out there.

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