A4TECH – Company Overview

Established in 1987, A4TECH is a computer hardware and electronics manufacturer. The organization has its headquarters in Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan. With over 3000 employees, the company has a subsidiary called Bloody Gaming. The tech provider is a specialist in the manufacture of computer accessories and peripherals. Below is brief history of A4TECH.


A4TECH’s formation dates back to 1987. CEO Robert Cheng is the founder of this leading tech accessories’ manufacturer. Longevity and stability have been one of the organization’s strengths. With close to three decades in service, the organization boasts of reliable products, a solid team and a recognized leader. The CEO was recognized in 2011 among the best chief executives in the world.

A4tech continues to get into new business territories. In 2015, a subsidiary by the name Bloody Gaming was formed. This has seen the organization successfully establish itself in newer markets. With time, this giant company continues to attract newer clients and retain older ones.


As a business, A4Tech can be looked at in different ways. Either as a private company, manufacturing, export company, or own brand. About 5% of its staff are in the Research and development team. One of the reasons the company continues to soar higher is because of the continuous research done by its team.

Licensed under the TRUSTe Privacy Program, A4Tech operates under the group’s mission which is to empower entities and build lasting relationships founded on respect for personal identities. This entity is a part of a group of PC peripherals’ manufacturers with a subsidiary. This structure has allowed the brand name to spread world over and attract sales. Teamwork, customer-orientation and social responsibility are the core values behind A4Tech’s existence.

An organization’s structure shapes a lot. With a staff number of almost 3,000, you need proper organization for every team player to be productive. Furthermore, autonomy is critical to realize the full potential of each worker. It also helps cut down on the rate at which conflicts occur within your organizations either due to conflict of interest, centralization of decision making or even orders coming from different authorities. A4Tech has tactfully structured itself in a way focus is placed on production, profit making, growth, sustenance, reliability and customer satisfaction.

It is not by coincidence the organization continues to grow and venture into new zones. Strategic decisions made by the able CEO and implemented by cooperative employees; led by responsible divisional heads, has been a push factor to dominance in the competitive tech world.


The product you offer has a high impact on your success rate. Think about the 4 P’s of successful marketing. They include:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Placement
  • Promotion

It is clear, the product you sell determines a lot. So, what products does A4Tech deal with? They include the following:

  • PC cameras
  • Hubs
  • Gaming Devices
  • Keyboards
  • Mouse

The above are general classifications of products manufactured by A4Tech. Specific products include: blazing gaming mouse, terminator laser gaming mouse and the high selling Turbo illuminated Gaming Keyboard, which is double secure water-resistant as displayed on m.globalsources.com. There are more products that make A4Tech a force to reckon with.

The products are listed for wholesale in most of the online platforms selling them. This means, most of the buyers A4Tech supply to are retailers or huge organizations with need for a high number in supply. The prices are also affordable.

Target Market

You will not last long in business if you do not have a market. These are your buyers and they offer purchases for the products you manufacture. A4Tech exports to Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Africa. In general, they export to the whole world. In 2019, the company shipped over 21 million items worldwide. Out of this number, 61% were mouse with keyboards, webcams and headsets forming the rest.

Products like Terminator Laser Gaming mouse and A4Tech targets gamers have helped this organization make money. With the addiction that comes with gaming, this remains an attractive field to focus on. Growth is inevitable and more profits forthcoming.

To shake off competition, A4Tech continues to utilize the following competitive advantages:

  1. A competent and able research and development team boasting of years of experience.
  2. Capacity to supply and meet demand.
  3. A large product line.
  4. A good reputation.
  5. They accept special orders and design according to buyer specifications.
  6. Awards won before adds to their portfolio.
  7. Reliability and longevity

Website Experience

As a tech giant, A4Tech have their website representing them online. This online presence has continued to add strengths to its already existing strengths. www.A4tech.com is their website. How does this site look and feel?

The landing page is active, showing all its products. The pictures keep moving and by the time a minute is over you’d have had a glimpse at all of their products. Top right of the page is a search option which allows you to search for any product you want.

At the bottom right of the page is an “About Us” button. By clicking the button, you get an opportunity to know more about the company. Any legal requirements concerning the page, the organization and their operations are explained at the bottom of the page.

In general, the page is easy to navigate and simply user friendly. It is also mobile friendly.


Every man made product is prone to develop technical issues – either minor or major. In such a situation, you need support either from the manufacturer or a fellow user who knows better. Where do you find this help?

Just at the A4Tech’s site, is a support button. There are various options available for you to exploit. One guarantee there is; is that you will get the help you need.


A4Tech is a leading producer of P accessories based in Taiwan. The 1987 established company has distributors worldwide with markets in all the continents. The organization has an online presence too which plays a critical role in marketing and sales of its products. It is also through this platform that you can get support in case you have challenges with their products.

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