9gag – Company Overview

9gag is one of the most prominent meme sharing websites that you can find out there on the internet. It is extremely popular among young adults who wish to have a laugh and express themselves. In addition to that, people who use 9gags can spend their time with browsing through a large collection of mems. A variety of content is shared by 9gags.  

9gag is a company based in Hong Kong. You can even think about calling it as a social media website. That’s because the content in the platform is powered up by the community. A user will be able to upload and share content on 9gags. Likewise, users will be able to go through content uploaded by other users as well. 

Even though many different meme sharing websites are available on the internet, no other website has been able to achieve the fame and popularity of 9gags. The other mainstream social media networks have contributed a lot towards the popularity of 9gags. In fact, the memes available on 9gags are often being shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Popularity of 9gags is increasing on these social media networks and more and more people visit the website to get hold of interesting content available for them to watch.

Back in the month November in 2017, more than 223 million visitors came to the website of 9gags. Most of these visitors were from Germany. A large number of people from France, United States, United Kingdom and Brazil are accessing content shared on 9gags as well. 

History of 9gag

9gags was co-founded back in the year 2009. It was discovered by five individuals in Hong Kong. In fact, these were five University students from the University of Hong Kong. They wanted to develop an alternative online platform, which can be used to deal with emails. However, they eventually ended up creating a platform where they could share humorous videos and photos. This fact was revealed by Ray Chan, who is the CEO of 9gags during an interview that took place in the year 2012. 

The company was started just for fun and there were no serious intentions behind it. In the meantime, the co-founders of 9gags started working on a resume-builder with the help of it as well. It took place along with a startup accelerator program.

Throughout the startup accelerator program, 9gags was able to play a prominent role. In fact, the company worked with the best startup ideas and helped those ideas to get off from the ground. In order to make that mission a success, 9gags was able to work closely with the incubator of Y Combinator. However, the 9gags discontinued this project and started focusing mainly on sharing humorous content. Along with that, they were able to earn a high popularity and learn how to play a dominating role as well.

The 9gag mobile app

When more and more people started using mobile devices to browse the internet, 9gags came across the need to have a dedicated mobile app as well. That’s where the team went forward and developed a mobile application. This was a versatile mobile application. It was not just limited to Android and iOS, but for other leading operating systems such as Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 as well. The mobile apps were officially released in the month of July, 2012. 

As of now, the 9gags mobile app is extremely popular than the web. That’s because the mobile app is in a position to deliver a streamlined version of content offered by the website. In addition to that, they further continued developments and came up with the concept called 9chat back in the year 2014. This provided the 9gags users to create their accounts on the platform and interact with others by sending messages. 

In the meantime, 9chat added numerous impressive features, such as enhanced support for the groups. 9gags ventured into game development as well. The mobile app contributed a lot towards their assistance with developing the game. The very first game released by 9gags is called as 9Gag Redhead Redemption. It was released in the month of January, 2015.

What made 9gag popular? 

The experience offered by this image commentary sharing website contributed a lot towards its popularity among people who live out there in the world. People who have interest for many different areas will be able to get hold of what is being shared by 9gags and enjoy them. For example, 9gags offers valuable and impressive content for the manga enthusiasts, games, cosplayers and people who are just looking for some fun with their day to day commitments. They prefer to consider 9gags as the best source available for them to cultivate happiness along with time.

9gags is not just offering humorous content. There are instances where 9gags is offering inspirational content as well. If you need a bit of inspiration in your life, you are encouraged to go ahead and take a look at what is available at 9gags. In addition to that, 9gags has earned reputation for sharing controversial content. They go viral within a short period of time.

Along with time, 9gags has been subjected to numerous changes. Therefore, you can no longer consider that as a meme creation tool. However, the Poster Menu of 9gags is redirecting the users to a third party image marketplace. The biggest issue that can be found in here is the language used and violence. 

We can expect 9gags to keep on sharing funny content in the future. Along with that, we can also expect to see numerous categories being added to the website as well. These new categories will be able to deliver better user experiences to all the people who wish to get hold of outstanding content that is shared with them by 9gags. You are encouraged to take a look at it and move forward.

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