SQLite Browser

SQLite is an open-source tool that is available to work on database files without going through any struggles. Hence, all the developers who work along with SQLite will be able to get the maximum returns offered out of SQLite Browser. While keeping that in mind, let’s deep dive and explore what SQLite Browser is all … Read more

How does POS machine work?

POS machines are quite popular among businesses out there in the world. No business is possible of surviving without the use of a POS machine. If you are about to invest your money in getting a POS machine, you should have a clear understanding of how they work as well. This will be a quick … Read more

Nebula [Company]

Nebula is one of the most prominent companies that specialize in software and hardware technologies. The headquarters of the company is located within California. However, there are offices of it located in Washington and Seattle.  What is Nebula known for?  Nebula is well known for the cloud computing hardware appliances that are offered to the … Read more

Levels of autonomous driving

Self-driving cars have received much attention throughout the recent past. Some of the well-known automobile brands that exist out there in the world, such as Tesla have already started manufacturing these cars as well. However, people are in two minds whether to go for self-driving cars or not. That’s mainly because people have a doubt … Read more

Dolt – data version control

Dolt is an embedded and single-node DBMS, which is incorporating gift-styled versioning in the form of a first-class entity. It is behaving pretty much similar to GIT. However, you will be able to call that a local database that comes along with content-addressable fields. The main objects of it would be tables, regardless of files. … Read more

How does autonomous driving work?

Introducing new technologies to the automobile industry is somewhat critical as well. However, the innovations that are linked with the technology should not just compromise safety. These technologies have to be tested thoroughly. In addition, they need to receive the approval of related authorities before they are introduced for the use of human beings. This … Read more

Lyft [Company]

Lyft is one of the most popular companies that develop a mobile app, which can be used for car vehicle hire, it is possible to get any type of vehicle to hire with the help of the Lyft app. On the other hand, Lyft is offering food delivery and a bicycle sharing system as well. … Read more

Cooler Master MH650

Are you looking forward to purchasing an excellent gaming headset? Then you will need to take a look at Cooler Master MH650. It is among the best gaming headsets available for you to buy as of now. It is offering virtual surround sounds to you along with crisp audio. On top of that, it will … Read more

Top games for PlayStation

Sony PlayStation is among the most popular gaming consoles that we can find out there as of now. If you own one of the PlayStation gaming consoles, you are lucky enough to have access to a large number of games. While you are looking for the best game out of them, you will encounter numerous … Read more

Idera [company]

Idera is one of the most reputed companies that focus on the development and delivery of B2B software for the people. It is quite popular for offering database tools. On top of the database tools, Idera is providing access to test management tools, development tools, and even DevOps tools. The headquarters of Idera is located … Read more

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? If you are looking for a method to generate a passive income, you may take a look at Affiliate Marketing. It is a proven method available You can call Affiliate Marketing as an effective method available for individuals as well as companies to sell their products. The product manufacturers or retailers … Read more


A large number of methods are available for the people in today’s world to make money. Out of those methods, dropshipping has received a lot of attention. It is an e-commerce business model, which is gaining popularity along with time. Keep on reading this article to understand more about the concept of dropshipping. Then you … Read more


Pwn2Own is an annually organized hacking contest. You can even think about calling this as the most popular hacking contest that you can find out there in the world as of now. The hacking contest was initially held back in the year 2007. It was in Vancouver where the contest was held for the very … Read more


Are you looking forward to having a desktop within your pocket? Then PinePhone is one of the best options available out there to consider. We are living in a world that is filled with iOS and Android smartphones. However, all the Android phones available out there are having Linux kernels. On the other hand, the … Read more

THX [company]

THX is the trade name that is given for the high-fidelity sound reproduction standard. This technology is widely being used in screening rooms, movie theatres, computer speakers, home theatres, and even car audio systems. Moreover, we can see the THX standard being presented with some of the latest gaming consoles that are offered to the … Read more

Hyundai [company]

Hyundai is well-known around the world as an automobile manufacturing company. The company is offering numerous types of vehicles to the market under its brand. People who purchase the vehicles offered by Hyundai are impressed with their affordable prices and excellent performance. All the vehicles offered to the market under the Hyundai brand come along … Read more


We are living in a world where cryptocurrencies have been able to receive lots of positive attention when compared to traditional currencies. When you take a look at the popular cryptocurrencies available out there, you will notice how Dogecoin is holding a prominent place out of them. Keep on reading and we will share all … Read more

Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation, which is also known as FSF, is an organization that was established back in the year 1983. It starts the operations along with the GNU project. It was a professor who worked at MIT named Richard Stallman, who worked on the initiative to come up with Free Software Foundation. Along with … Read more