With time, the world has experienced a shift in which transactions are made. Mobile payments have grown in popularity and that is why most device manufacturers are coming up with inventions to make their products compatible with most mobile payment wallets. Apple has not been left behind. In 2014, their Apple Pay digital wallet was … Read more


System 76 Darter Pro is a laptop designed and manufactured by an American giant tech manufacturer called System 76. The Darter Pro series comes with some amazing specifications including good memory and storage, lightweight, fine graphics, and many other great characteristics. They are designed to support the greatest of brains and to work effectively in … Read more

Top solar energy company

Energy can be sourced from various sources and solar is one of them. The world has been destroyed to a bad extent and most producers are looking for ways to change this narrative. The use of solar energy is one of the alternatives that have been fronted to help solve the situation. So, which are … Read more

Top Indian Apps

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Cognizant [Company]

Operations define an organization. Who reports where, what tools do they use to work, what results are they expected to deliver, and other logistics shape the success of companies. The past decade has seen a major shift in the way things are done with the increased inventions and innovations going on. Technology has been a … Read more

Greatest Scientists in History

Everything that happens today is partly or significantly influenced by Science. Even technology, Mathematics, and other disciplines borrow from this field. But, behind every successful practice are pioneers who made everything possible. The likes of Albert Einstein and Aristotle are some of the greatest scientists in history. But they’re not the only ones. So, who … Read more

Greatest Female Scientists in History

Since time immemorial, gender equality has been a challenge. But as days pass by, the parity is taken care of and more equality is achieved. The likes of Archimedes, Babbage, Einstein, Isaac Newton, and others gained popularity fast. This is not to take anything from these great men. But, their female counterparts haven’t gotten enough … Read more

Best Dating Site

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Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

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Best Text-to-Speech Software

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Best Windows Laptop

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Best Fintech Companies in the World

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Ranch Simulator

According to Google, 96% of its users loved the game. That may justify the 5/5 score this game has on On Fanatical, the game is rated 4/5. Well, these are statistics to show how well loved the Ranch Simulator is. But why is there so much hype about this free to play game? What … Read more

Palantir [company]

Palantir is a software company based in the US and focuses on big data analytics. The organization founded in 2003 came to life after Peter Thiel and co came together. Formed by 5 founders, the public company is led by Alex Karp as the CEO, doubling up as a founder. With about 2499+ staff, the … Read more

How Big is Online Education Market?

Everything seems to be moving online. Digital migration has taken the world by storm and education hasn’t been spared. But how big is the opportunity offered by online education? Well, we can’t quantify that but we know it is quite a chance for entrepreneurs. Udacity, edX, Coursera, and Khan Academy are some of the leading … Read more

Fintech Jobs

Job opportunities are hard to find today. Somehow, institutions of higher learning release excess graduates than the opportunities that exist out there. That is why there are no guarantees out in the job market. However, having the right skills will place you strategically above the rest. Before you choose a career path, you must understand … Read more