E3 2023: the video game industry’s biggest event was canceled

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a trade show that has been held annually since 1995 to showcase the latest and upcoming video games and hardware from major publishers and developers. It is usually held in June at the Los Angeles Convention Center and attracts thousands of attendees from the media, industry, and public. … Read more

Boston Dynamics Stretch Robot at DHL

The video is about how DHL Supply Chain is deploying Stretch, a robot developed by Boston Dynamics, to automate trailer unloading and support warehouse associates. The video shows how Stretch can move boxes of different sizes and weights from a trailer to a conveyor belt, using a vision system and a suction gripper. The video … Read more

GitHub Markdown Math Expression Support

GitHub has added support for writing and formatting mathematical expressions in markdown. A mathematical expression is a required feature if the project is related to data science, mathematician, and projects which depend on mathematical formulas. GitHub now supports math expression rendering in markdown natively. So it will work everywhere on GitHub, like .md files, in … Read more

Linode managed database is available with support for MySQL

Linode has recently launched its managed database service. This was a long-awaited feature. From now managed database is available for MySQL database. Managed database service is available on all Linode data centers. Managed database services (like Amazon RDS, or managed database from DigitalOcean) make it easy and hassle-free deployment and maintenance for the Database management … Read more

DigitalOcean API secrets keys to be scanned on GitHub

DigitalOcean APIs allow users to perform different types of operations on the DigitalOcean services. To use the API a key is needed (which is generated and provided by DigitalOcean). The problem occurs when any developer by mistake pushes the key (used for production) in the Git repo. Especially in the case of the public repository, … Read more

GitHub Products and Services update on May 10, 2022

GitHub has released quite a few updates recently. Here is what you need to know about these updates: Global Campus for Teachers GitHub Global Campus is available here: https://education.github.com/ Codespaces available for Teachers and Classrooms GitHub Actions GitHub Enterprise Server Release note for Enterprise Server 3.5 is available here: https://docs.github.com/en/[email protected]/admin/release-notes#3.5.0.rc1

Docker Desktop is available on Linux

Docker Desktop is a helpful tool for developers who use docker for local machine development. This tool was available for other OS (Windows and Mac) but not for Linux. Docker has recently released Docker Desktop for Linux. You can follow the instructions from the documentation to install it: https://docs.docker.com/desktop/linux/ Here are the significations of this … Read more

Spotify announced a 100K EUR/Year fund for FOSS projects

Spotify will donate 100K EUR each year to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). This is to encourage the developers and maintainers of open source projects. This announcement was provided in the Spotify engineering blog, you can check the announcement here: https://engineering.atspotify.com/2022/04/announcing-the-spotify-foss-fund/ . Here are all the details and important points that we should know: … Read more

Git.io will stop redirecting from April 29, 2022

Git.io will completely stop working and redirecting URL from April 29, 2022. This came as the final announcement from Github today. In an announcement post, GitHub has asked any existing user to stop using the links provided by Git.io, as it will not work anymore. Git.io was a URL shortening service provided by GitHub. The … Read more

Node.js 18 is released

Node.js has released version 18 (v18.0.0). This will replace version 17. This is the release candidate for the next LTS (Long-term Support) version. The current LTS version is 16. Version 18 will remain as the ‘Current’ release and after 6 months it will be promoted to LTS (Long-term Support). So in October 2020, this will … Read more

JetBrains released Ktor version 2.0

Jetbrains released a new version 2.0 of Ktor. This release was announced and discussed in a recent blog post from the company. The previously released version was 1.6.8. And the new version is 2.0.0. That means, this is a major change, and there can be breaking changes, compared to the previous version (as most of … Read more

Netflix introducing double thumbs up button

In a press release, Netflix announced that they will introduce a double thumbs up button on their platform. This double thumbs button will be added near to the current thumbs up (single). So there will 3 buttons available for the users to express their preferences (thumbs down, single thumbs-up, and double thumbs up). This new … Read more

Postman plan and pricing update 2021

Postman’s plan and pricing are changed in 2021. In a blog post, these changes are announced. The new plan will be effective from 1st December 2021. The plans and prices were changed last February 2020. As new features are coming in postman and the performance is getting better, so based on that, the postman team … Read more

Getty Images [Company]

This article is for all those people wanting to know about Getty Images company and what this is all about. Most of us only know that this is a platform that provides some cool pictures without knowing what this is about. We will cover every single detail of Getty Images company so can get all … Read more


Starlink is basically a satellite web constellation worked by SpaceX giving satellite Internet admittance to a large portion of the Earth. The group of stars comprises more than 1600 satellites in mid-2021, and will ultimately comprise a large number of mass-delivered little satellites in low Earth circle (LEO), which speak with assigned ground handsets. While … Read more


Suppose you have ever heard of 3D computer-aided design, then you must know about FreeCAD. But if you don’t, then don’t worry. I am here to explain to you about FreeCAD. FreeCAD is a 3D parametric displaying application. It is principally made for the mechanical plan, yet additionally serves any remaining uses where you need … Read more

Smiles Mobile Remittance – Review

If you live in Japan and came from a different country, you obviously know about Smiles mobile remittance app. This is the most popular app in Japan for sending money to other countries. In this article, we will look at different aspects of the app and services provided by Smiles remittance. I am using this … Read more